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25 Abuse of Women News Articles
for January of 2017
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1-31-17 Russia domestic violence: One woman's narrow escape
Russia domestic violence: One woman's narrow escape
In Russia, it is estimated that more than 600 women are killed in the home every month. So why is parliament expected to pass a law that reduces the penalty for domestic abuse? (Webmaster's comment: It's so much better in the United States. Only 100 per month!)

1-28-17 A murder shocks Iceland and dents women's sense of safety
A murder shocks Iceland and dents women's sense of safety
Iceland is united in grief. The body of a young woman, Birna Brjansdottir, was found washed up on a desolate, cold beach last weekend. Birna, 20, had been reported missing over a week before. Such murder cases are rare in a country with one of the world's lowest crime rates and a population of 330,000 people. No-one I have spoken to has been untouched by the events that unfolded from such an everyday event as a young woman walking home from a night out partying, along a crowded, well-lit street. For some, the case has sinister echoes of a dark plot from a Nordic noir TV drama. I and almost every one of my female friends have walked up that very same street from that very same bar, at that hour of night, and we have always felt safe. Most of my friends even told me that at some point they had caught a lift from strangers for short distances. Some use an underground Uber-like service called "Skutlarar"- a Facebook group where people offer or ask for lifts from strangers driving around town, for a lower price than official taxis. A close friend once told me she had got a lift from a tourist last summer, from a party near the harbour at Grandi. "I was so tired, and I couldn't find a taxi," she explained. That might sound crazy but that is how safe women in Reykjavik usually feel.

1-25-17 Nebraska legislator quits over tweet mocking Women's March
Nebraska legislator quits over tweet mocking Women's March
A Nebraska state senator has resigned amid a political row sparked by a photo he posted on Twitter mocking women protesting against Donald Trump. Bill Kintner retweeted a post implying that three female protesters were too unattractive to be sexually assaulted. The tweet drew criticism from other lawmakers, who threatened to submit legislation to boot him out of office. Hundreds of thousands of protesters around the world took to the street on Saturday, supporting a range of causes. Mr Kintner retweeted a comment Sunday by conservative radio personality Larry Elder that mocked female protesters. Mr Elder had posted a photo of three women holding signs apparently referring to Mr Trump's taped boast about grabbing women by the genitalia. The radio host had commented: "Ladies, I think you're safe."

1-25-17 Domestic violence: Russia MPs back law cutting penalty
Domestic violence: Russia MPs back law cutting penalty
A Russian bill to decriminalise some forms of domestic violence has moved a step closer to becoming law. The lower house of parliament, the Duma, overwhelming approved the proposal after a second reading. First time offenders who cause less serious injuries could face fines or community service rather than prison, under the plans. But campaigners said the bill would mean the "exoneration of tyrants in the home". MPs voted 358 to two in favour of the proposals, with one abstention. The bill, dubbed the "slapping law" by some Russian media outlets, will now have a third reading. It will also need the approval of the upper house and President Vladimir Putin before becoming law. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was important to distinguish between "family relations" and repeated incidents of violence. (Webmaster's comment: America will have its own version of this law soon. After all the Bible says the man is the master of his house! The Christian Evangelists, Fundamentalists, and Trump supporters will love it!)

1-23-17 Facebook Live 'broadcasts gang rape' of woman in Sweden
Facebook Live 'broadcasts gang rape' of woman in Sweden
Three men were arrested on suspicion of rape in Sweden on Sunday, following reports of an assault against a woman being live-streamed on Facebook. Police in Uppsala were contacted in the morning by a woman who said she had seen a gang rape broadcast in a closed group on the site. "You have been raped," one of the men said at the end of the video and then laughed, according to the viewer. Police later confirmed they, and "many" others, had seen the footage. The Facebook group is said to have several thousand members. Police confirmed that they had found three men, aged between 19 and 25, and one woman at a local apartment. The men were arrested on the spot. Josefine Lundgren, 21, called the police when she saw the video. Speaking to Swedish tabloid Expressen, she said she saw one of the men tear the woman's clothes off and lie on top of her. She also said one of the men had a gun. Facebook Live shows a count of other people simultaneously watching the broadcast and Ms Lungren said she could see 60 other people viewing. "Three against one hahaha," one of the viewers wrote in the comments section underneath the video, she said.

1-23-17 Why the Women's March on Washington was the perfect way to needle Donald Trump
Why the Women's March on Washington was the perfect way to needle Donald Trump
Protests invite generalizations, and I was about to irresponsibly philosophize about what Saturday's historic Women's March means — specifically, what it teaches us about American self-portraiture — when I stumbled on this photograph of the new president and his wife. Surrounded by a truly unreasonable number of roses at the inaugural luncheon on Jan. 20 — a day that ought to have brought them some joy — they look the very picture of unhappiness. This is Adam and Eve sulking outside of Eden. This is every marriage gone wrong, every midlife crisis, every spiritual void that leads a soul to snatch something they'll wake up in the night regretting. So I stopped short, because that image with its blue dress and red tie crystallized so much of what happened in America this weekend. It provoked the crowds of people in red hats who gathered in Washington, D.C., one day and the crowds of people in pink hats who gathered there — and all over the country and the world — the next. Is there anything true worth saying about a country that produced both those spectacles and this portrait of a man and a woman caught off guard, slathered in wealth, their misery on exhausted display in a rare moment when they forgot about the cameras? There is. The Trumps may not be "relatable" in the strictest sense — their gold-encrusted habitat was always intended to alienate and impress — but that photograph captures, in its own small way, the country they now represent: divided, afflicted by comfort, addicted to outrage, bitterly convinced they've been wronged. They are, above all, camera-conscious and camera-ready. (Webmaster's comment: This is just like the Vietnam war. It's just the beginning. He's not going to be able to make a single misstep without generating mass protests.)

1-21-17 Donald Trump protests attract millions across US and world
Donald Trump protests attract millions across US and world
Millions of protesters have taken to the streets of cities in the US and around the globe to rally against the new US President Donald Trump. Larger numbers of demonstrators than expected turned out for more than 600 rallies worldwide. The aim was principally to highlight women's rights, which activists believe to be under threat from the new administration. The biggest US rally was in the capital Washington, which city officials estimated to be more than 500,000-strong. This far exceeded the 200,000 that had originally been expected by organisers of the Women's March on Washington. By most estimates, it also surpassed the crowd at Friday's presidential inauguration. The protesters in the nation's capital heard speeches from Scarlett Johansson, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, Ashley Judd, Gloria Steinem and Michael Moore among others. A planned march to the White House proved impossible as the entire route was filled with demonstrators. Interim DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told Associated Press: "The crowd stretches so far that there's no room left to march."

1-21-17 Trump inauguration: Two Americas in 24 hours
Trump inauguration: Two Americas in 24 hours
In the space of 24 hours, Washington was the scene of two Americas. President Trump's supporters came feeling they've just taken their country back. The protesters on the women's march feel they have just lost theirs. It is that stark. The mood at the march was determinedly cheerful, there were men, children and lots and lots of women. Grandmothers teaching their granddaughters the political ropes. But the underlying message was clear - liberal America has just been shoved out of power. These marches were enormous and they came out in cities across the country to repudiate not just Donald Trump, but his whole world view. They didn't just protest about women's issues, there were also signs addressing his positions on climate change, healthcare and Muslims. The polls show us that Mr Trump is the most unpopular new president in American history.

1-21-17 Donald Trump protests: Washington leads global rallies
Donald Trump protests: Washington leads global rallies
Hundreds of thousands are gathering for a "Women's March on Washington", part of a global day of protests against new US President Donald Trump. The rally is one of more than 600 expected worldwide on the president's first full day in office. The aim is to highlight women's rights, which protesters believe to be under threat from the new administration. Mr Trump has taken his first steps, signing an executive order targeting his predecessor's health care scheme. On Saturday morning, protesters swarmed streets and metro stations in the US capital, heading for the National Mall, where speeches have started ahead of an afternoon march to the White House. Organisers had originally sought a permit for 200,000 people but say they now expect as many as half a million, possibly dwarfing Friday's inauguration crowd, the Washington Post reported. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Schumer, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, Patricia Arquette and Michael Moore are expected to attend. (Webmaster's comment: Standing up to the sexual predator!)

1-20-17 Trump lawsuit
Trump lawsuit
A former contestant on The Apprentice who had previously accused President Donald Trump of sexual harassment filed a defamation lawsuit against him this week, three days before his inauguration. Summer Zervos, who starred on Trump’s reality TV show in 2006, was one of more than a dozen women to accuse Trump of sexual assault during the presidential campaign after an audiotape emerged of Trump bragging about groping women. Zervos said that Trump assaulted her during a 2007 business meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel—kissing her on the lips, groping her breasts, and thrusting his genitals at her. During the campaign, Trump vehemently denied the allegations, calling Zervos and the other women liars and referring to Zervos’ allegations as “fiction.” Zervos said she would immediately dismiss her case against Trump if he “acknowledged that I told the truth about him.”

1-20-17 Go ahead, beat your wife
Go ahead, beat your wife
Russia is in the process of lifting criminal penalties for hitting family members. The country implemented its first ban on domestic violence last year, when the law on battery was amended to include a jail term of up to two years for people found guilty of striking a spouse or child. Arch-conservative lawmaker Yelena Mizulina—who previously drafted Russia’s notorious ban on “gay propaganda”—said the amendment was a “baseless intervention into family affairs” that meant mothers and fathers could be arrested for causing just “a scratch.” She has proposed a new law that would decriminalize some domestic violence. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his blessing to the idea at his annual press conference recently, which means it is sure to pass. (Webmaster's comment: Empowered by the new political climate also coming soon to America.)

1-18-17 Trump sued for defamation by former Apprentice Summer Zervos
Trump sued for defamation by former Apprentice Summer Zervos
A former Apprentice contestant who accuses US President-elect Donald Trump of sexual assault has filed a defamation lawsuit against him. Summer Zervos, who alleges Mr Trump forced himself on her in 2007, said he lied to the nation about his behaviour. The lawsuit, which Ms Zervos announced at a news conference, alleges Mr Trump is a "liar and misogynist" who "debased and denigrated" her. The news came just three days before Mr Trump is sworn in as president. (Webmaster's comment: Just what we needed. A sexual predator as President. And so many women are so used to being abused in America they see this as just normal and excusable male behavior and even voted for him.)

1-17-17 Pakistan singer Atif Aslam stops show to rescue harassed girl
Pakistan singer Atif Aslam stops show to rescue harassed girl
A Pakistani singer has been praised after stopping his concert mid-song to rescue a girl from the audience who was allegedly being harassed. A video of Atif Aslam interrupting his live performance in Karachi on Saturday has been shared thousands of times. The popular singer told the alleged harassers: "Have you ever seen a girl? She could be your mother or a sister." Pakistani media said the venue was overcrowded and that several girls reported being harassed. Aslam, who is also a film actor, called security after seeing the alleged attack. A video posted on Twitter shows the guards pulling the girl by the arms from the crowd and taking her to the stage.

1-17-17 Outrage over Somali gang-rape video
Outrage over Somali gang-rape video
The gang rape of a 16-year-old girl has caused outrage in Somalia after pictures and a video of the incident began circulating on social media. Campaigners have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help the girl and her family have had to flee their home "for fear of being ostracised". She remains in hospital a month after the rape by six teenage boys took place in Galdogob, near the Ethiopian border. The area commissioner told the BBC the rapists would be brought to justice. District Commissioner Ayanle Farah Mohamed said the girl was being treated by doctors in Puntland province and the authorities were "very much saddened by the incident".

1-13-17 Sexual harassment star anchor Bill O’Reilly
Sexual harassment star anchor Bill O’Reilly
Fox News last year secretly settled a sexual harassment claim against star anchor Bill O’Reilly, 67, weeks after chairman Roger Ailes’ ouster over a similar scandal. A letter from attorneys for newscaster Juliet Huddy, 47, alleges O’Reilly pursued a sexual relationship and tried to derail her career when she rejected him. She was a regular on O’Reilly’s evening show in 2011, the letter claims, when he began physical and verbal harassment, including “highly inappropriate and sexual’’ late-night phone calls during which it seemed he was masturbating, Huddy says. Fox reportedly paid six figures for Huddy’s silence and agreement not to sue. O’Reilly’s lawyer says “there is absolutely no basis” for her claims. In 2005, O’Reilly settled a harassment lawsuit by a former producer who said he made sexual phone calls to her.

1-13-17 It’s wrong to pardon this murderer
It’s wrong to pardon this murderer
Franc¸ois Hollande has made yet another terrible decision, said Robert Redeker, only this time the public and the media are applauding him for it. The French president recently granted a pardon to Jacqueline Sauvage, a woman serving 10 years in prison for murdering her husband. She’d endured 47 years of horrific abuse at the hands of her alcoholic husband, who also raped her and their three daughters and abused their son. In 2012, the day after their son hanged himself, Sauvage, who is now 69, shot her husband three times in the back with his own rifle. The judges convicted her of murder in 2014, and the sentence was upheld on appeal in December. It was the legally correct decision, but to satisfy an outraged public, Hollande overturned the judges’ verdict by resorting to a seldom-used presidential pardon. Where does this end? Will the president now pardon the tobacconist Luc Fournié, 59, who shot dead a 17-year-old robber? No one is shedding tears for Fournié—the young delinquent he killed is being treated as the real victim “in spite of all reality and common sense—yet he, too, could claim extreme provocation. The key point is that it’s not the public’s business to decide which crimes committed in self-defense are good and which are bad. That is precisely why we have the law and legal professionals in the first place.

1-12-17 Russia: Anger at move to soften domestic violence law
Russia: Anger at move to soften domestic violence law
A bill to decriminalise some forms of domestic violence has passed its first reading in Russia's Duma, sparking anger among women's rights advocates. The legislation would define first assaults which cause less serious injuries as administrative - rather than criminal - offences. MP Yelena Mizulina, who introduced the bill, says people should not be jailed and labelled a criminal "for a slap". But critics say it will set back efforts to tackle an endemic problem. On Wednesday, some 368 lawmakers voted in favour of what has been dubbed the "slapping law" by some Russian media outlets. One deputy voted against the plans, another abstained. (Webmaster's comment: This change in the law will be in America next under Trump's administrator's guidance. The outright hatred of women is here!)

1-10-17 How myths and stereotypes colour rape sentencing in India
How myths and stereotypes colour rape sentencing in India
India's Supreme Court once gave an array of curious reasons about why an Indian woman would not make a false rape claim. In a 1983 judgement, the top court said that western and Indian women were vastly different. In the West, the judges said a woman may level a false allegation of sexual molestation against a man because she may be a "gold digger", suffering from neurosis, hold grudges against men, want to gain notoriety, be jealous and so on. "By and large these factors are not relevant in India," the judges said. The court said an Indian woman in the "tradition bound, non-permissive society" would not lie about being sexually assaulted because such an allegation would lead to her being socially ostracised, "risk losing the love and respect" of her husband and relatives, and if unmarried she would fear the rape might hamper her prospects of getting married. Mrinal Satish, a doctorate from Yale Law School who teaches at Delhi's National Law University, studied this and some 800 other judgements in all courts and found that myths and stereotypes often informed rape sentencing in India. "Rape myths are highly detrimental to rape victims. They are prejudicial, stereotyped or false beliefs about rape, rape victims and rapists," Dr Satish says in his latest work on reforming rape sentencing in India. For one, Indian courts, according to law scholars like Ratna Kapur, have for long viewed the typical rape victim as "chaste, pure, monogamous, honourable and confined to the domestic sphere". She would generally be a "virgin or a loyal wife". (Webmaster's comment: In America the male dominated justice system protects the man and blames the woman for the rape. She's the the one at fault. "She should have kept her knees closed.")

1-9-17 Indian YouTuber in trouble over 'prank' kissing
Indian YouTuber in trouble over 'prank' kissing
Indian YouTuber Sumit Verma is in trouble after posting a video in which he randomly walks up to women in public places, kisses them and runs away. The Delhi police are now investigating the video and have urged "his victims" to file a complaint. He apologised and deleted his "prank video" after severe public backlash. Mr Verma posted the video even as reports of mass molestation in the southern city of Bangalore on New Year's Eve caused anger in India.

1-8-17 S Korea monk self immolates in WW2 Japan sex slavery protest
S Korea monk self immolates in WW2 Japan sex slavery protest
A Buddhist monk is critically ill after setting himself on fire in protest at South Korea's deal with Japan over its sexual enslavement of Korean women during World War Two. The 64-year-old man suffered third-degree burns and remains unconscious in hospital, officials say. He set himself alight during a protest on Saturday calling for the removal of President Park Geun-hye. The march in Seoul marks the 11th week of rallies against Ms Park. The monk, who is being treated at Seoul National University Hospital, left a note urging the authorities to arrest Ms Park for committing "treason" over a reparation deal agreed with Japan in 2015, police said. South Korea has long called for reparations for the nation's "comfort women", who were forced to work in Japanese wartime military brothels. An agreement was reached between the two nations in 2015 that Japan's reparations - compensation and an apology - would "finally and irreversibly" resolve the issue. But critics have said the deal does not go far enough in holding Japan responsible for wartime abuses. (Webmaster's comment: Unlike Germany, Japan has never admitted it's war crimes.)

1-6-17 Japan recalls Korean envoy over 'comfort women' statue
Japan recalls Korean envoy over 'comfort women' statue
Japan has temporarily withdrawn its ambassador to South Korea, amid an escalating row over a statue representing wartime sex slaves. The statue was installed by activists outside the Japanese consulate in the South Korean city of Busan last month. South Korea has long called for reparations for "comfort women", who were forced to work in Japanese military brothels during World War Two. Japan says the statue violates a previous agreement on the issue. The 1.5m-tall (5ft) bronze statue depicts a young, barefoot woman sitting in a chair. It has become a symbol of hardships faced by the women and the perceived lack of adequate apology and compensation from Japan. Many of the estimated 200,000 women forced to be wartime sex slaves were Korean. Others came from China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan. It is a perennial issue that has dogged relations with Japan. The matter has only escalated with each passing year as many of the survivors are old and dying. About 46 survivors are thought to remain in South Korea.

1-5-17 'No evidence' of New Year mass sex attacks in Bangalore: Police
'No evidence' of New Year mass sex attacks in Bangalore: Police
The police commissioner of the southern Indian city of Bangalore says there is no evidence to prove allegations of mass molestation took place on New Year's Eve in the centre of the city. Praveen Sood told the BBC that police officers had reviewed footage from almost 70 CCTV cameras. But he said police were looking into isolated incidents in other parts of the city that night. A number of women have told the media they were assaulted by groups of men. Some have described being surrounded by unruly mobs, and being groped and harassed. (Webmaster's comment: Of course: Male police protecting men as they are prone to do.)

1-4-17 Krishna Poonia: Athlete hailed for saving girls from molestation
Krishna Poonia: Athlete hailed for saving girls from molestation
Indian Olympian Krishna Poonia has called recent reports of sexual assaults in Bangalore "sickening", and described preventing a similar attack. She told the BBC she was in Rajasthan's Churu district on 1 January when she spotted three men trying to molest two teenage girls at a railway crossing. "I chased and caught of one of them, and then helped the girls file a complaint," she said. She added the incident showed that women were not safe even in busy areas. "I was shocked and horrified when I saw these men trying to molest the girls in front of so many people at a busy railway crossing. Nobody did anything until I got out of the car and chased them myself," she said. "The girls were traumatised and shaken after the incident. "The girls didn't even want to file a complaint because they were worried that their families would stop them from going out if the incident became public," she said. The athlete said however, that she was glad that "at least one family decided to file a case".

1-4-17 Taking on India’s ‘Super Cop’ after he sexually assaulted me
Taking on India’s ‘Super Cop’ after he sexually assaulted me
In 1988, Rupan Deol Bajaj was groped at an official party in India. The case divided the country but after 17 years her attacker was finally convicted.

1-3-17 India outrage after minister blames 'Western dress' for groping
India outrage after minister blames 'Western dress' for groping
An Indian minister who said groping at New Year celebrations in Bangalore was caused by women dressing "like Westerners" has caused outrage. Reports have emerged on local and social media of women being molested during festivities on Saturday night. A Bangalore newspaper published photos of women crying and complaining that they had been groped by crowds of men. Police say they have received no complaints but are scanning security footage for evidence of molestation. As local media published images of distraught women seeking police help, Karnataka State Home Minister G Parameshwara blamed young people for "copying the Westerners, not only in their mindset, but even in their dressing". "These kind of things do happen," he said. (Webmaster's comment: The new U.S. President gropes women and brags about it so why not!)

25 Abuse of Women News Articles
for January of 2017

Abuse of Women News Articles from 2016 4th Quarter