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11 Abuse of Women News Articles
for February of 2017
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2-27-17 Uproar as Canadian constable cleared of on-duty rape
Uproar as Canadian constable cleared of on-duty rape
A jury's decision to acquit a Canadian police officer of raping a woman after giving her a lift home has sparked uproar in a small coastal city. Protesters gathered on Monday outside court in St John's, Newfoundland, to demand the constable be fired. Pc Carl Douglas Snelgrove, 38, was cleared on Friday of raping a 21-year-old woman at her apartment while he was on duty on 21 December 2014. After the verdict, demonstrators threw eggs and coffee at the court. The married officer, who has served with Royal Newfoundland Constabulary for a decade, is expected to face disciplinary action. On Monday, hundreds of protestors gathered again outside court, holding signs that said "We believe her" and "Let's talk about consent". The prosecution had argued that the complainant was too drunk to consent to sex with the police officer, who was in uniform when he picked up her up outside a downtown bar. The complainant said she was too intoxicated to recall if she consented to sex.

2-24-17 Uber harassment scandal
Uber harassment scandal
Uber has hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to head the company’s “urgent” investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination, laid out this week in a shocking blog by a former female employee. In the viral post, titled “Reflecting on One Very, Very Strange Year at Uber,” former engineer Susan Fowler describes the ride-sharing app company as “an organization in complete, unrelenting chaos.” Fowler said that she was propositioned for sex by her manager on her first day on the job, and that when she went to HR with her complaint, she was told the man in question wouldn’t be punished because it was his first offense—only to find out from other female engineers that they, too, had complained about his behavior. Fowler also said she was repeatedly blocked from career advancement. Board member Arianna Huffington will also assist Holder with the investigation.

2-24-17 Fox News is wrong about migrants
Fox News is wrong about migrants
Fox News fed Donald Trump a festering pile of lies about Sweden, said Gustaf Tronarp. During a campaign-style rally in Florida last week, Trump mentioned what happened “last night in Sweden” as he recited a list of terrorist attacks in Europe that he blamed on Muslim migrants. We Swedes were mystified, because precisely nothing had happened in Sweden. Turns out the president had watched a Tucker Carlson segment on Fox News the previous night about the supposed soaring crime rate in Sweden since we began accepting migrants on a large scale in 2011. The segment, based on a sensationalist documentary by a right-wing filmmaker, was “full of sweeping claims, exaggerations, and outright falsehoods.” The show claimed that gun violence and rape have increased, when actually those violent crimes, like all violent crime in Sweden, occur at about the same rate as in 2005—and at a much lower one, by the way, than in the U.S. Homicides here are still all but unheard of. In fact, the biggest surge in lawlessness associated with asylum seekers has been a rise in attacks on refugee centers by right-wing vigilantes. Fox News, like the rest of the U.S. and U.K. right-wing press, wants to paint Sweden as menaced by criminal migrants because it fits with their xenophobic agenda. But that story just doesn’t fit the facts.

2-23-17 Reality Check: Is Malmo the 'rape capital' of Europe?
Reality Check: Is Malmo the 'rape capital' of Europe?
The claim: Many young male migrants arrived in Sweden over the past few years, when the country accepted unprecedented numbers of refugees, and there has been a huge rise in sexual crime in Sweden especially in the southern port city of Malmo. Reality Check verdict: Malmo, along with other urban centres in Sweden, has one of the highest levels of reported rapes in proportion to population in the EU, mainly due to the strictness of Swedish laws and how rape is recorded in the country. The rate of reported rapes in Malmo has not dramatically risen in recent years and has in fact declined from its peak in 2010, before the recent large increases in refugees. It is not possible to connect crimes to the ethnicity of the perpetrators as such data is not published. Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage made this claim on LBC radio on Monday 20 February, when he discussed the recent comments by US President Donald Trump about terrorism in Sweden. Mr Farage said there had been no specific terrorist attacks in Sweden since large numbers of refugees arrived there, but, instead, he claimed Sweden had seen a dramatic rise in sexual crime and its southern port city of Malmo - the third largest city in the country - had become Europe's and possibly the world's "rape capital". So, has there been a big rise in sexual crime in Sweden and have the numbers of rapes increased in Malmo since Sweden took in an unprecedented numbers of refugees?

2-21-17 I let myself be taken captive — because I didn't want to be rude
I let myself be taken captive — because I didn't want to be rude
"I am so sorry Mum. In case I am dead and you find this, it was a guy in a white car. The side mirror and the inside of the passenger seat door are broken. I made a mistake. Woops, sorry. Lots of love xxx" Finding this note between the pages of my travel journal, scribbled on a torn piece of paper, gave me chills. I had written it months earlier, partly to try to make myself laugh, and partly because I thought it might be useful. I'd written it while sitting on a stranger's bed in Northern Iran, having been locked in his room against my will for several hours. Earlier that day, I'd been in the back of a battered Toyota Corolla sharing a cab ride with two giggly young girls, their colorful veils pushed back to reveal elaborate hairstyles, and an older man ith deep wrinkles and hooded, inquisitive eyes. Two stout, conservatively dressed middle-aged women shared the front seat, and every so often they would crane their neck to steal a glance at me. I smiled and turned my gaze out the window, resting my head on the glass as I watched the lush, thickly forested foothills of the Caspian coast pass by. One by one the passengers filed out, and then I was alone with the driver. He was young, maybe in his mid-20s, with a thick crop of dark hair and a V-neck white t-shirt that looked several sizes too small. He stared at me through the rearview mirror. "Let's have chai, he said, his wide eyes and giddy smile betraying his excitement. (Webmaster's comment: Women are taught to always be nice no matter what is done to them! It leads to their horrible mistreatment!)

2-21-17 Former US law chief leads Uber probe
Former US law chief leads Uber probe
On Sunday we learned that Uber was going to conduct an investigation into claims of serious sexual harassment, following a scathing blog post from a former employee. On Monday Uber boss Travis Kalanick sent an email to his employees with more information about the probe - and further plans the company has to address the issue. “It’s been a tough 24 hours,” he began, adding that the company was “hurting”. The investigation will be lead by former US attorney general Eric Holder, who served under President Obama between 2009 and 2015, and Tammy Albarran - both partners at law firm Covington and Burling. Arianna Huffington, best known for being the founder of the Huffington Post, will also help carry out the review. Ms Huffington has been on Uber’s board since April last year. Also conducting the review will be Uber’s new head of human resources, Liane Hornsey, and Angela Padilla, Uber’s associate general counsel. (Webmaster's comment: Looks like many men are still being sexual brutes, but this time feeling more empowered by the new political climate.)

Percent of women who experienced Sexual Harassment in the valley!

Percent of women who experienced Sexual Harassment in the valley!

2-21-17 Milo Yiannopoulos dropped over paedophilia comments
Milo Yiannopoulos dropped over paedophilia comments
Ultra-conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos will no longer speak at a US conservative conference and his book deal has been cancelled after videos surfaced in which he appeared to condone paedophilia. The footage showed him discussing the merits of gay relationships between adults and boys as young as 13. On Facebook, Mr Yiannopoulos denied ever endorsing paedophilia. He said one video had been edited to give a misleading impression. However, the American Conservative Union, which runs the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where President Trump is due to speak on Friday, said the apology was not enough. "We urge him to immediately further address these disturbing comments," Matt Schlapp said in a statement. Book publisher Simon & Schuster said it had cancelled the publication of Mr Yiannopoulos's book Dangerous, which was due out in June, after "careful consideration". In the footage, Mr Yiannopoulos - a passionate supporter of Donald Trump and an editor at right-wing website Breitbart - seems to suggest the determining factor for paedophilia is whether the younger partner has gone through puberty. However at another point in the video he says the US age of consent, which is 16 to 18 years old depending on location, is "about right".

2-21-17 Children's sex book causes stir in Indonesia
Children's sex book causes stir in Indonesia
A children's book is at the centre of a controversy in Indonesia because it teaches children about masturbation. A photo of the book - I Learn to Control Myself, written by Fita Chakra - has spread across social media since Monday, sparking a discussion online about sexual education and igniting parents' anger. "Moms, please be careful when you buy a book for your kids. Check and re-check its content," wrote one user on Facebook. Another said: "If this book is about sex education, why is the description about it so detailed?" One page of the book, which has been widely shared online, depicts a cartoon boy lying on a bed. He is saying: "I cross my legs around a bolster tightly. For fun, I move my body up and down. Oh... it feels good. My heart is pounding, but I am happy." In another screenshot the child says: "I found a new play for fun. Sometimes, I put my hand inside my pants. I repeat, again and again." In a Muslim majority nation like Indonesia, casual conversations about sex among adults are considered taboo, let alone discussions between parents and children. But there is a growing awareness about the importance of sex education for children, in part to prevent them from being sexually abused. Despite this, the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has said I Learn to Control Myself is harmful for children and could lead to "sexual deviance"

2-4-17 UN condemns 'devastating' Rohingya abuse in Myanmar
UN condemns 'devastating' Rohingya abuse in Myanmar
The UN has accused security forces in Myanmar of committing serious human rights abuses, including gang-rape, savage beatings and child killing. It made the allegations in a damning report compiled after interviews with more than 200 Rohingya refugees who fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh. One mother recounted how her five-year-old daughter was murdered while trying to protect her from rape. She said a man "took out a long knife and killed her by slitting her throat". In another case, an eight-month-old baby was reportedly killed while five security officers gang-raped his mother. An estimated 65,000 members of the Muslim minority community have fled to Bangladesh since violence broke out in Myanmar - also known as Burma - last October.

2-1-17 What Trump’s US Supreme Court pick means for women’s health
What Trump’s US Supreme Court pick means for women’s health
Neil Gorsuch, nominated to the vacancy on America's highest court, has a record of hostility to reproductive rights, says Christina Cauterucci. Neil Gorsuch (pictured), US president Donald Trump’s nominee for the vacancy on the country’s Supreme Court, is a consistently conservative judge who would enter the court at a critical moment for reproductive rights. Though Gorsuch, a federal judge on the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals, has never ruled on an abortion rights case, his record shows him to be hostile to women’s healthcare and willing to give broad leeway to institutions that want to discriminate against them. Women will be affected by every decision that comes out of the next iteration of the Supreme Court, of course, whether the cases deal with voting rights, labour issues, immigrant rights, civil liberties, criminal justice or any other area of law. Because women make less money than men, shoulder the bulk of home and family responsibilities, and have less access to traditional spheres of power, they are in fact particularly dependent on legal protections, and they will likely be disproportionately impacted by any harm that comes from the court’s decisions. Nowhere is that clearer than in the field of public health. Anti-abortion advocates believe Trump and his pick will lead their fight to overturn the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, a strong, if imperfect, safeguard of abortion rights. A recent report from the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York found that 22 states would be likely to roll back abortion rights immediately if Roe were overturned. (Webmaster's comment: The current leaders in office are opposed to all civil rights except for those of white male supremacists.)

2-1-17 Afghan woman's ears cut off by husband
Afghan woman's ears cut off by husband
A 23-year-old Afghan woman has described to the BBC how her husband tied her up and cut off both her ears in a domestic violence attack in the northern province of Balkh. The woman - Zarina - is now in a stable but traumatised condition in hospital. "I haven't committed any sin," she said. "I don't know why my husband did this to me." The woman's husband is on the run in Kashinda district following the attack, police have told local media. Zarina told Pajhwok news that the unprovoked attack took place after her husband suddenly woke her up. She told the BBC that she got married at the age of 13 and that "relations with her husband were not good". (Webmaster's comment:The same sort of thing happened here in South Dakota but the husband cut off her nipples.)

11 Abuse of Women News Articles
for February of 2017

Abuse of Women News Articles for January of 2017