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18 Abuse of Women News Articles
for July of 2017
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7-31-17 Understanding the emotions of psychopaths
Understanding the emotions of psychopaths
Psychopaths have long captured the imagination. The names of famous psychopaths, such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, evoke a morbid curiosity. The crimes committed by these men are so vicious, so unfathomably cruel, that it's impossible to imagine how someone could do such a thing. The severed heads kept as mementos in Bundy's apartment or the partially eaten body parts stowed away in Dahmer's refrigerator are the result of simply inexplicable personalities. So it makes sense that the psychopath is often portrayed as cold-blooded and fearless, and, most of all, as a predator incapable of human emotion. However, research is growing to suggest that this might not be totally accurate. There is now substantial evidence that psychopaths can in fact experience emotions — but only under the right circumstances. And they can display normal emotional responses — when the emotion is part of their goal, or when they are invited to respond to perceptually simple basic shapes or single objects. Yet their reactions to the same stimuli are deficient when their attention is focused on an alternative goal or to a complex situation. This means that, while psychopaths are capable of experiencing and displaying emotions in some situations, what confounds them is complexity.

7-31-17 How to stop being a pushover and get your life back
How to stop being a pushover and get your life back
someone consistently taking advantage of you? Your romantic partner or your boss? Do you rush around trying to do things for them but they never seem to have your back? Or is keeping up with their mood swings and meltdowns a 24/7 job? Do you find yourself doing more and more but getting less and less? And when you try to talk to them about it in a reasonable way, do they fly off the handle or burst into tears — and nothing ever changes? You might be a "caretaker" to someone with narcissistic or borderline traits. And that's a really bad place to be. But there are things you can do to improve the situation. Psychotherapist Margalis Fjelstad brings some solid answers in her book: Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist: How to End the Drama and Get On with Life. Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder are serious mental health issues — not stuff you want to casually diagnose without a P and H and D after your name. But people who exhibit enough of the characteristics of those problems can mess up your life, even at subclinical levels. So let's learn the basics about these difficult folks and then find out how to stop being a pushover when you deal with them.

What's a narcissist? What's a borderline?

  1. An increased sense of importance
  2. Preoccupations with fantasies of success, wealth, beauty, and talent
  3. A strong sense of being unique and special
  4. A sense of entitlement to being treated better than others
  5. Exploitation of others
  6. Unwilling or unable to notice or understand other's feelings
  7. Envy and arrogance

You're probably a "caretaker"

Sum up

  1. Leave. Now: Narcissists and borderlines are unlikely to change. So it's not a bad idea to change how often you see them to "never."
  2. Quit trying to change them and start changing yourself: It's on you if you want this to get better.
  3. Stop talking, start doing: Talk is very cheap. Always know what you will do if they don't comply.
  4. Establish boundaries: I'm not explaining this one. I'm at my limit. You're not the boss of me.
  5. Rebuild your life: I'm not explaining this one either. I'm going to the gym.
  1. Picking people with the qualities you value
  2. Identifying the good qualities and the shortcomings of the person
  3. Being aware of how much you each talk and share about yourselves
  4. Observing how the two of you decide what to do and where to go
  5. Observing whether this person has good boundaries without being too distant
  1. Ask the other person to do something that is inconvenient
  2. Reschedule a get together
  3. Identify something that you find uncomfortable about this new friend and let him or her know

7-30-17 Bangladesh police arrest four in 'shaved heads' student rape case
Bangladesh police arrest four in 'shaved heads' student rape case
Four men have been arrested in Bangladesh over the alleged rape of a student, after pictures of her with a shaved head were shared online. Police said Tufan Sarker, a unionist linked to the governing Awami League party, was among those detained. A manhunt is underway for Mr Sarker's wife, Asha Khatun, who is accused of beating the 16-year-old and her mother and shaving their heads. The photos caused outrage in Bangladesh and authorities were urged to act fast. Mr Sarker, 25, was charged on Friday by police from the Bogra district with raping the girl and threatening to kill her, officials said. "He threatened to kill her and her mother if she would dare to talk to anyone about the incident," local police spokesman Sonaton Chakroborty told AFP news agency.

7-28-17 Congressman threatens women
Congressman threatens women
A Republican congressman blamed “female senators from the Northeast” for his party’s struggles to repeal Obama­care, and said he wished he could challenge them to a duel. Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) said that if three female Republican senators were men, he would ask them to “step outside and settle this Aaron Burr–style,” a reference to the gun duel that killed Alexander Hamilton.

7-28-17 Man killed wife on cruise ship for 'laughing' at him
Man killed wife on cruise ship for 'laughing' at him
A man suspected of killing his wife while on a cruise ship in the US state of Alaska did so because "she would not stop laughing" at him, a witness says. Kenneth Manzanares has been charged with the murder of his 39-year-old wife, whose body was found with severe head wounds in their cabin. He was detained after security agents found blood on his hands and clothes, court documents said. Mr Manzanares' court-appointed public defender has not commented. The victim has been identified by US media as Kristy Manzanares, from Utah. A witness who entered the couple's cabin before the security agents said he saw the 39-year-old suspect dragging the victim's body to the balcony, the documents said. The witness then grabbed the woman's ankles and pulled her back in. When he asked Mr Manzanares what had happened, the man allegedly said: "She would not stop laughing at me."

7-28-17 Campus rape: A presumption of guilt?
Campus rape: A presumption of guilt?
“No one wants to see someone wrongfully accused and punished,” said Rekha Basu in The Des Moines Register. But the Trump administration, led by our groper in chief, is about to undo all the hard-won progress we’ve made on campus rape in recent years. Before the Title IX guidelines, allegations were all too often ignored, and 80 percent of victims were afraid to report attacks. “The highest estimate of false reports,” by contrast, is just “8 percent,” said Lauren Duca in Yet the Trump administration wants to “do more to protect the rights of alleged rapists.” No surprise there, given that this president is “a self-identified predator” who boasted on videotape that he sees “women as objects to be gawked at and grabbed.”

7-25-17 Spanish deal to tackle gender-based violence
Spanish deal to tackle gender-based violence
Spain's political parties are celebrating a "historic" €1bn (£895m; $1.2bn) five-year programme to tackle gender-based violence. The measures include providing victims of abuse with six months' unconditional unemployment benefit to give them a new start, and outlawing imprisoned abusers from being visited by their children. The agreement was reached after six months and 66 expert hearings. Reports say 870 women died from gender-based violence between 2003 and 2016. (Webmaster's comment: Over 15,000 American women have been murdered by their husbands of boyfriends between 2003 and 2016!) So far in 2017, at least 31 women have died along with six minors. (Webmaster's comment: So far over 600 American women have been murdered by husbands and boyfriends in 2017.) Sixteen minors have been orphaned. Spanish politicians have pursued successive programmes to address the issue since 1997, when 60-year-old Ana Orantes was beaten, thrown over a balcony and then burned to death by her ex-husband after repeatedly complaining to authorities about his violent behaviour. She had been forced to divide her home with her husband on the order of a divorce court. Among the 200 measures that received parliamentary endorsement late on Monday are:

  1. The status of victim will be extended to women who have not yet filed a criminal complaint, to allow them to access safeguards and assistance
  2. Mechanisms for identifying victims of gender-based violence will be established in hospital emergency rooms and primary care
  3. Children orphaned by gender-based violence will have priority access to state benefits including educational support. Their guardians (excluding the abuser) will receive tax benefits and priority access to housing
  4. Tougher sanctions for gender-based crimes committed on the internet
  5. School curriculums to include lessons to tackle sexism and raise awareness of the feminist movement

(Webmaster's comment: We need to do the same things in American! Over 17 times as many women die from gender-based violence in America as in Spain!)

7-13-17 Qatar Airways CEO sorry for calling US air hostesses 'grandmothers'
Qatar Airways CEO sorry for calling US air hostesses 'grandmothers'
The chief executive of Qatar Airways has apologised for comments he made about flight attendants that were condemned as both sexist and ageist. In a speech at a dinner in Ireland last week, Akbar Al Baker said US airlines were "crap" and their passengers were "always being served by grandmothers". He also boasted that "the average age of my cabin crew is only 26". On Wednesday, Mr Al Baker said the "careless" remarks did not reflect his "true sentiments about cabin crew". "Competition among air carriers is robust. This is healthy, especially for our passengers, but our competition must remain respectful," he wrote in a letter to the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), a US trade union that has some 50,000 members from 20 airlines. "For the cabin crew serving aboard all air carriers, professionalism, skill and dedication are the qualities that matter. I was wrong to imply that other factors, like age, are relevant," he added. The AFA's president, Sara Nelson, said she accepted the apology. (Webmaster's comment: Another businessman emmulating Trump!)

7-11-17 Tech boss attacks 'whiners' in angry email
Tech boss attacks 'whiners' in angry email
The co-founder of a Silicon Valley investment firm said it is "not my job to make you all feel good" in a long email to staff and investors. Jonathan Teo from Binary Capital was responding to negative press coverage about the firm following allegations of sexual harassment by his co-founder Justin Caldbeck. He added that he was "tired and indignant", and raged against "whiners" who demanded his attention. Mr Teo has already offered to resign. He did so after Mr Caldbeck left the firm in June. "I'm incredibly sorry," Mr Caldbeck tweeted when the news broke last month. Mr Caldbeck's actions were one of several sexism scandals to rock Silicon Valley in recent months. They include a damning report into the work culture inside ride-hailing firm Uber, and the resignation of venture capitalist Dave McClure, who admitted "inexcusable behaviour" towards "multiple women".

7-10-17 'Comfort women': Researchers claim first known film
'Comfort women': Researchers claim first known film
South Korea has released what it says is the first known footage of "comfort women" forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War Two. Filmed by US troops in China, the clip was found by government-funded researchers at Seoul National University in US archives. The 18-second clip shows several women lined up talking to a Chinese soldier. South Korean activists estimate 200,000 women were forced into brothels for Japan's military. They are believed to have been mainly from Korea, but also from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Until now, the only records of women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War Two had been photographs and survivor testimonials. (Webmaster's comment: The Japanese provided Japanese comfort women for US soldiers stationed in Japan after WWII. The US soldiers were lined up for blocks to get into the brothels. The woman serviced up to 60 US soldiers per day. American Troops Used Comfort Women)

7-7-17 Thunder Bay police under fire for indigenous deaths
Thunder Bay police under fire for indigenous deaths
The death of an indigenous woman in Thunder Bay is the latest in a series of violent incidents affecting the local indigenous community. As the police ponder whether to charge her assailant with murder, many are wondering if the force has what it takes to pursue justice for all. Now her family and the indigenous community want to see Bushby's charges upgraded, and the driver and other passengers in the car charged as well. "I want them to be in jail and feel the same kind of pain I've been feeling," she says. But a number of external reviews of the Thunder Bay Police Service, as well as decades of racially-motivated violence, have left many with considerable doubt. "At this point in time, we don't have the faith in the Thunder Bay police to be able to conduct a proper investigation and a fair investigation," says Anna Betty Achneepineskum, the Nishnawbe Aski Nation Deputy Grand Chief. Attacks like the one that killed Kentner are all too commonplace in Thunder Bay, says her childhood friend Deanne Hupfield. The city of about 100,000 is one of the last urban outposts on the way to Ontario's vast north, which is mostly inhabited by indigenous people on reserves. In 2011, 10% of the city's population had Aboriginal identity, compared to about 4% across the country. Hupfield says throwing things at indigenous women "is a normal thing here". "It happened to me growing up. It happened to my mom, my sisters and my friends." She says people would yell racial and sexual epithets and chuck beer cans, water bottles or trash at them.

7-7-17 Fox host Charles Payne suspended amid harassment claim
Fox host Charles Payne suspended amid harassment claim
A Fox Business Network presenter has been suspended amid reports of a sexual harassment allegation - the latest such claim to hit the cable giant. An analyst says the channel sidelined her after she ended an extramarital affair with Making Money host Charles Payne, the Los Angeles Times reports. Mr Payne said on Twitter the story is "an ugly lie I vehemently deny to my core". Fox has been embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal for a year. The cable news network said in a statement: "We take issues of this nature extremely seriously and have a zero tolerance policy for any professional misconduct. "This matter is being thoroughly investigated and we are taking all of the appropriate steps to reach a resolution in a timely manner."

7-7-17 Teenager jailed in El Salvador after toilet stillbirth
Teenager jailed in El Salvador after toilet stillbirth
A teenager in El Salvador has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for aggravated homicide after delivering a stillborn baby in a toilet. Prosecutors argued Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez Cruz had avoided antenatal care, tantamount to killing the child. Her lawyers said she did not know she was pregnant and no crime had occurred. They said the pregnancy was as a result of repeated rapes she did not report. The Central American country completely bans abortion in all circumstances. Dozens of women have been imprisoned for the deaths of their foetuses in cases where they said they had suffered miscarriages or stillbirths. In April last year, Ms Hernandez gave birth in the latrine of her home in a small rural community. She lost consciousness after losing large amounts of blood. When her mother took her to hospital, leaving the baby's remains behind, Ms Hernandez was detained on suspicion of procuring an abortion. Eleven days later she had an initial court hearing and she has been in custody since.

7-6-17 Cheryl Yeoh: 'It was sexual harassment at the highest level'
Cheryl Yeoh: 'It was sexual harassment at the highest level'
Tech entrepreneur Cheryl Yeoh's account of sexual harassment by a leading Silicon Valley investor is the latest discrimination scandal to rock the tech industry. Dave McClure resigned from 500 Startups, the firm he co-founded, following claims made by another woman - which encouraged Ms Yeoh to publish her own story online. In her first interview, Cheryl Yeoh explains why she decided to talk publicly about the incident, which took place in 2014, and what she thinks needs to change. How do you feel about what happened now? "I was obviously angry and hurt but also surprised that I felt like it wasn't a rare thing, it was considered normal in the start-up world, the tech world. "Now I realise that's not OK and that's part of the problem. That's why we need to speak up about it and have a conversation around how do we change this dynamic, how do we change the narrative?" You thought that it was "normal" for someone in your flat to brainstorm ideas to try to sleep with you? "My issue is, it wasn't even me inviting him. It was him and a few other business partners who wanted to come over to brainstorm, and in the start-up world it's not uncommon to have after business hours brainstorm sessions. "A lot deals are made after office hours, it's definitely not uncommon at all. "What I was shocked about was how bold he was to message me after that and, prior to that, he had asked me to come to his hotel room through text. It's shocking how bold they are that they wouldn't be afraid of consequences." (Webmaster's comment: Welcome to America. Home of the free-ranging Sexual Pedators!)

7-5-17 Sweden to hold 'man-free' music festival
Sweden to hold 'man-free' music festival
Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare is organising a "man-free" music festival in her home country in response to rape and sexual assault claims at festivals. She suggested the idea after reports of a number of sexual offences at Sweden's biggest music festival Bravalla, which has now been cancelled for next year. "What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome?" she tweeted. She said it would take place "until all men have learned how to behave". A day after her initial tweet, she confirmed plans for the event to go ahead, saying: "Sweden's first man-free rock festival will see the light next summer. "In the coming days I'll bring together a solid group of talented organisers and project leaders to form the festival organisers, then you'll hear from everyone again when it's time to move forward." Knyckare, who is also a radio host, denied that banning men from her festival was unfair. She told Sweden's Aftonbladet: "Since it seems to be OK to discriminate against women all the time, maybe it's OK to shut out men for three days? I would not exactly call it an abuse not to come to the festival." (Webmaster's comment: All men will not learn how to behave until all the decent men stand up against and condemn all the indecent ones!)

7-4-17 ‘I’m a creep’: Tech boss Dave McClure resigns after harassment claims
‘I’m a creep’: Tech boss Dave McClure resigns after harassment claims
The founder of Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist firm 500 Startups has resigned following sexual harassment claims by several women. Dave McClure announced his resignation in a blog entitled: "I'm a creep. I'm sorry." Entrepreneur Sarah Kunst had claimed in the New York Times that Mr McClure sent inappropriate messages after discussing a potential job offer with her. Mr McClure apologised directly to her for his behaviour in his post. He also admitted that he had behaved inappropriately towards other women. "I made advances towards multiple women in work-related situations, where it was clearly inappropriate," wrote Mr McClure. "I put people in compromising and inappropriate situations, and I selfishly took advantage of those situations where I should have known better. My behaviour was inexcusable and wrong." After the article, tech entrepreneur Cheryl Yeoh also published claims of an assault in her apartment and claimed there were "dozens" of women who had been sexually harassed by him. She said she had invited Mr McClure and some other investors back to her home to brainstorm new ideas in 2014. He was the last to leave. "He pushed himself on to me to the point where I was backed into a corner, made contact to kiss me, and said something along the lines of, 'Just one night, please just this one time,'" she wrote. (Webmaster's comment: Another sexual predator following in the footsteps of Trump! It's amazing how many of these sexual predators are so sorry after they get caught. They are not sorry about what they did. Only sorry that they got caught!)

7-3-17 Brent Christensen in court for Illinois kidnap of Yingying Zhang
Brent Christensen in court for Illinois kidnap of Yingying Zhang
A former PhD student has appeared in court in the US state of Illinois charged with kidnapping a Chinese student, who remains missing. Hundreds of people gathered outside court in the city of Urbana as Brent Christensen, 28, was arraigned in a nine-minute hearing on Monday morning. He was arrested on Friday in connection with last month's disappearance of Yingying Zhang. Ms Zhang, 26, has not been found, and authorities say she is presumed dead. Surveillance video filmed her climbing into a black Saturn Astra car on 9 June at the University of Illinois campus. Investigators say Mr Christensen was behind the wheel. The video shows Ms Zhang - who had been in the US barely two months and was late to sign a lease for an apartment - speaking to the driver before getting into the car.

7-3-17 Swedish music festival is cancelled in 2018 after rape and sexual assault claims
Swedish music festival is cancelled in 2018 after rape and sexual assault claims
Sweden's biggest music festival is being cancelled in 2018 after one rape and multiple reports of sexual assault at this year's event. Bravalla was headlined by System of a Down, Linkin Park, Alesso and The Killers at the weekend. But police in the Swedish town of Norrkoping say they received 11 reports of sexual assault this year. Officers say the rape victim was attacked while Swedish group Håkan Hellström performed on Friday night. Organisers have released a statement announcing that next year's event won't be taking place. There were also numerous sexual abuse claims made during and after last year's festival with five reports of rape made to police. Mumford and Sons said they wanted guarantees about women's safety following their headline slot in 2016. "We won't play at this festival again until we've had assurances from the police and organisers that they're doing something to combat what appears to be a disgustingly high rate of reported sexual violence."

18 Abuse of Women News Articles
for July of 2017

Abuse of Women News Articles for June 2017