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23 Abuse of Women News Articles
from 4th Quarter of 2017
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10-17-17 Australia launches revenge porn reporting tool
Australia launches revenge porn reporting tool
Australia has set up the first national reporting tool to help victims of revenge porn. Revenge porn, or image-based abuse, is the sharing of explicit images without consent. The online portal provides advice on getting the images removed, reporting the abuse to authorities and pursuing legal action. The country's eSafety commissioner said 20% of Australians aged between 16 and 49 have experienced image-based abuse. Young women and indigenous Australians were more likely to be victims. The same research found that 76% of victims took no action, often because they didn't know what to do. In a statement, communications minister Mitch Fifield said the $4.8m (£2.8m) portal was "world-first", although the Californian government provides a similar service and non-government organisations elsewhere provide similar resources. Mr Fifield also said the government is considering introducing civil penalties for perpetrators or websites that distribute revenge porn. There are already specific laws against revenge porn in all but three Australian states and territories, and telecommunications laws have also been used to prosecute offenders. Revenge porn is illegal in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, and in most US states. (Webmaster's comment: These are deliberate acts meant to do harm. The prepetrators should get 5 year prison sentences!)

10-17-17 The Hollywood women tackling sexual harassment
The Hollywood women tackling sexual harassment
Actresses Margot Robbie and Lake Bell, alongside producer Kathleen Kennedy have spoken out. They hope the claims against producer Harvey Weinstein will lead to changes in the film industry.

10-16-17 'My #MeToo experience is sadly typical'
'My #MeToo experience is sadly typical'
The social media conversation around hashtag #MeToo highlights how widespread sexual harassment is. The BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan shares her personal story. I must have been about 25 years old. We were in an Italian restaurant in New York, just after we'd finished working on a story. I was an ambitious producer who'd just been in Manhattan for the Republican convention. Most of the team had gone but a colleague and I were the last two left and we were having dinner. We'd gone to the East Village and in a dimly lit Italian restaurant, I made small talk about George W Bush and John Kerry. Then he said it. "I'm unbelievably sexually attracted to you. I can't stop thinking about you." I dropped my fork and it bounced on the plate, the spaghetti still woven around it. This was a colleague twice my age, well-respected and with a girlfriend. I had experienced sexism in the workplace before, but not in such an overt way. I can't even remember what I said - but it was something all too polite, as I tried to change the conversation. He continued talking about how beautiful I was, as I ate the pasta as fast I could. I wasn't sure at the time if he'd said anything that I could reasonably complain about, but I remember feeling disgusted and uncomfortable about it. I now know it was utterly unacceptable, and is just another reminder of how some men in the workplace use their power to manipulate, harass and even abuse women.

10-16-17 France minister Schiappa plans anti-street harassment law
France minister Schiappa plans anti-street harassment law
France's gender equality minister has set out plans for a new law cracking down on sexual violence and harassment. Marlène Schiappa's proposals include on-the-spot fines for catcalling and lecherous behaviour in public. The mounting sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein have revived debate about male predation in France. President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday he would be stripping the Hollywood producer of the prestigious Legion D'Honneur award. During his first in-depth television interview, Mr Macron also said his government would take steps to better define acts of sexual violence under the law. Under Ms Schiappa's plans announced on Monday, a taskforce of politicians will work with police and magistrates to establish what sort of behaviour constitutes sexual harassment. "The idea is that society as a whole redefines what it is acceptable or not," she told La Croix newspaper. Street harassment and catcalling are already illegal in some countries including Portugal and Argentina. (Webmaster's comment: But not in America. Many of our males need to express their disrespect and hatred of women! They still believe women are their property!)

10-15-17 Harvey Weinstein: More women accuse Hollywood producer of rape
Harvey Weinstein: More women accuse Hollywood producer of rape
Two more women have accused Harvey Weinstein of raping them as the top Hollywood producer finds himself increasingly shunned by his peers. British actress Lysette Anthony says he attacked her at her London home in the late 1980s while another, unidentified woman says she was raped in 1992. The organisation behind the Oscars has voted to expel Weinstein and his own brother called him "sick and depraved". Weinstein, 65, insists sexual relations he had were consensual. Police in London are investigating an allegation against Weinstein who is also being investigated by police in New York. More than two dozen women - among them actresses Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rose McGowan - have made a number of accusations against him including rape and sexual assault. Weinstein has been a huge figure in the film world, where his productions received more than 300 Oscar nominations and won 81. Lysette Anthony told The Sunday Times she had reported an attack by Weinstein to the London Metropolitan Police. The actress, who stars in the British TV soap Hollyoaks, said she had met the producer when she starred in 1982 sci-fi film Krull and the alleged assault had come a few years later. It was a "pathetic, revolting" attack, she said, that had left her "disgusted and embarrassed". The Metropolitan Police said it was passed an allegation of sexual assault, without giving details. Separately an unidentified woman told the Mail On Sunday newspaper she had been raped by Weinstein in 1992 when she was working at his film company offices in West London. (Webmaster's comment: Weinstein's been raping women for 35 years and getting away with it. It would only be just that he spends the next 35 years in prison!)

10-15-17 100 Women: Why we need to talk about street harassment
100 Women: Why we need to talk about street harassment
Most women and girls have experienced some form of street harassment, and in many cases this behaviour goes unreported. But what exactly do we mean when we talk about harassment? (Webmaster's comment: It seems like half the men in the world are sick sexual perverts!)

10-14-17 Exploring the casting couch culture of LA
Exploring the casting couch culture of LA
The casting couch may seem like a relic of the golden age of Hollywood - but women here say sexual harassment is rife and that exploitation is a price you pay for being part of the industry. News that at least 30 women have accused Weinstein of sexually assaulting them - four alleging rape - has been met with sadness and outrage in Tinseltown. But no one seems that surprised and many expect other powerful men will be exposed. "I think everyone is shocked - not surprised," says actress Rita Moreno at a Women in TV gala in Beverly Hills. Ms Moreno, now 85, urged women to tell their stories. She says she was aggressively pursued by the head of a studio when she was 19. "It was frightening and scary." Mr Weinstein's Oscar for Shakespeare in Love has been tarnished by reports of lewd abuses of his immense power. But women in Hollywood say sexual harassment is common - for actresses and for women behind the scenes on film and TV sets. But a culture of pervasive sexism emerged. Some are stories of producers soliciting casual sex in exchange for jobs. Most stories involved daily ridicule and disrespect. "The casting couch is still a major issue in Hollywood many women are being victimised and are being asked for sexual favours in order to get a job, to keep a job or to be promoted," says attorney Gloria Allred who represents women making complaints against Weinstein. Ms Allred says she has women calling her with stories about other powerful Hollywood players. The organisation Women in Film has been inundated with calls after they set up a hotline for victims to report abuse this week. (Webmaster's comment: The rape and sexual abuse culture is alive and well in America! It is everywhere where men have any power, not just in Hollywood.)

10-13-17 Sex addiction isn’t an illness, treating it as one is a bad idea
Sex addiction isn’t an illness, treating it as one is a bad idea
Harvey Weinstein is being treated for sex addiction, but many health professionals say it isn't a real illness and addiction-style therapy doesn't help. I’m not bad – I’m ill. In essence, that is the defence of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, with his decision to seek treatment for sex addiction after the recent string of allegations about his appalling behaviour towards women. Weinstein isn’t the first to go down this route. The idea of sex addiction has been around for four decades and there are many offering such therapy, particularly in the US. But the film producer’s reported behaviour was so extreme it is triggering renewed scepticism about the very idea of sex addiction. “This latest example demonstrates the degree to which the concept has ‘jumped the shark’,” says David Ley, a clinical psychologist in New Mexico who wrote a book called The Myth of Sex Addiction. “It has become so overused and misused, it’s a meaningless excuse.” Although the term is commonly employed by the media and public, the concept is highly controversial among professionals. It was rejected by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists in a 2016 position statement. And when US psychiatrists updated their industry’s key textbook in 2013, they considered and dismissed including it as a new diagnosis. (Webmaster's comment: 20 years in prison will absolutely cure his problem! His getting a "cure" is just a scam to help him avoid going to prison. Rapists like him only understand punishment and he deserves a lot of it!)

10-13-17 Harvey Weinstein: US actress Rose McGowan makes rape allegation
Harvey Weinstein: US actress Rose McGowan makes rape allegation
The scandal deluging Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has deepened after US actress Rose McGowan publicly accused him of raping her. In a series of tweets, McGowan also accused Amazon Studio chief Roy Price of having ignored her when she made the allegation earlier. Amazon has put Price - himself accused on Thursday of sexually harassing a female producer - on leave of absence. Weinstein denies any sexual assaults. There was no comment from Price. Police forces in the US and UK police have launched investigations into sexual assault allegations against Weinstein: The New York Police Department is looking into an allegation dating from 2004 and reviewing whether there are any additional complaints, London's Met Police has received an allegation of sexual assault in the London area in the 1980s. Addressing Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos on Twitter, McGowan criticised the company for doing business with Weinstein. "I told the head of your studio that HW raped me," she wrote. "Over & over I said it. He said it hadn't been proven. I said I was the proof." Price was separately accused by Isa Hackett, a producer on one of Amazon's shows, of having lewdly propositioned her in a taxi and at a corporate dinner in 2015, the Hollywood Reporter writes.(Webmaster's comment: Weinstein and those who covered up for him do not belong in therapy, THEY BELONG IN PRISON!)

10-13-17 Weinstein: Why Hollywood liberals were silent
Weinstein: Why Hollywood liberals were silent
When Fox News’ CEO, the late Roger Ailes, and host Bill O’Reilly were revealed as serial sexual harassers, virtue-signaling liberals were indignant—and triumphant, said Alexandra DeSanctis in Now it turns out the twin liberal bastions of Hollywood and the media were actively ignoring monstrous abuse of women by one of their own. Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, 65, was fired this week by his own company after The New York Times and The New Yorker detailed three decades’ worth of harassment and sexual abuse allegations against him by a host of young actresses and subordinates, including Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie. In the liberal circles in which Weinstein traveled, his “twisted inclinations” were an open secret—but were ignored. Apparently, many people on the Left “value political loyalty more than they cherish principle.” Now Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other Democrats are belatedly condemning Weinstein, said in an editorial. But every member of the liberal establishment, from Washington to New York to Hollywood, should have to answer the question “What did they know about their friend Harvey, and when did they know it?” Sorry, said Benjamin Hart in, but Republicans “have less-than-zero credibility on this issue.” Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the Access Hollywood tape on which presidential nominee Donald Trump had bragged of getting away with grabbing women’s private parts because he was “a star”—a claim many women came forth to say was true. Did Republicans condemn Trump? Some did, for a day or two. But then the party rallied around its candidate, and Trump is now “the most powerful man on earth.” Do Republicans really want to play this game? asked Tina Brown in Weinstein has just been fired in disgrace. What do they propose we do with “the serial sexual harasser in the White House?”

10-13-17 A matter for the legislature
A matter for the legislature
Indiana’s Supreme Court has ruled that it’s illegal for adults to send sexual text messages to 16-year-olds, even though it’s legal to have sex with them. In its 5-0 ruling, the court reinstated charges against a 40-year-old man who sexted a 16-year-old girl, but acknowledged that Indiana’s sexting laws are “inconsistent” with its low age of consent. The discrepancy, the court said, was “a matter for the legislature.”

10-12-17 Harvey Weinstein 'hopes for second chance'
Harvey Weinstein 'hopes for second chance'
Harvey Weinstein has said "we all make mistakes - second chance I hope", as more women have come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. He told TMZ: "Guys I'm not doing ok but I'm trying; I've got to get help. I'm hanging in - I'm trying my best." Weinstein's spokeswoman has said: "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied". Police in New York told the BBC they were "investigating an allegation of sex assault from 2004". A spokesperson said: "NYPD is conducting a review to determine if there are any additional complaints relating to the Harvey Weinstein matter. No filed complaints have been identified as of this time." The statement ended by urging anyone with "information pertaining to this matter to call the CrimeStoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS". TMZ have reported he was heading to Arizona to a treatment facility. As he departed in a car, he made a plea for fair treatment from reporters, saying: "I've always been loyal to you guys... I've been a good guy." British actress and model Cara Delevingne is one of the latest to accuse him of inappropriate behaviour. In a statement, she said he tried to kiss her as she tried to leave a hotel room. (Webmaster's comment: This slob is only sorry he got exposed and the truth is out. A very long prison sentence is what he needs.)

10-12-17 The sexual predators everyone still worships
The sexual predators everyone still worships
Thanks to Harvey Weinstein, we have found ourselves in an oddly reflective cultural moment. But most of us have yet to grasp upon how far-reaching it really is. What began a few years ago with discussions about rape on college campuses has continued apace with not especially shocking revelations about Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, both of whom reportedly spent scores of millions of dollars on hush money for women who had accused them of sexual harassment. The discussion continues following a recent New York Times report about Weinstein's alleged use of his vast fortune to silence women accusing him of sexual assault. What will happen to Weinstein? If even one or two of the accusations reported by the Times and in a follow-up piece by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker can be proved — and let's face it: One of them has audio behind it, which I would not recommend to weak stomachs — then Weinstein should go to prison, along with the many associates, hangers-on, fixers, and yes men who stage-managed his alleged decades-long sexual assault tour. But this will not — cannot — end with Weinstein. We already know this. Since the publication of the Times piece, Hilarie Burton has come forward with a story about being groped by Ben Affleck during a television program; the Gigi star has not denied it. Terry Crews has rather bravely recounted the time he was molested by a Hollywood executive in the presence of his own wife. The legacy of criminal sexual assault — of unwanted advances, touching, groping, molestation, and rape — in the entertainment world is easier to come to grips with when its face is that of a fat behind-the-scenes money man or a dated, unfunny comedian like Bill Cosby. What do we do about predators we actually think are cool? (Webmaster's comment: Lock them up and throw away the key!)

10-11-17 India Supreme Court rules sex with child bride is rape
India Supreme Court rules sex with child bride is rape
India's Supreme Court has struck down a legal clause that permits men to have sex with their underage wives. The clause, which was part of India's law on rape, said intercourse between a man and his wife was permissible as long as she was over 15 years of age. The legal age of consent and marriage in India is 18 but marital rape is not considered an offence. The verdict has been hailed by women's rights activists but correspondents say the order will be difficult to enforce. The judgement said that girls under 18 would be able to charge their husbands with rape, as long as they complained within one year of being forced to have sexual relations. "This is a landmark judgement that corrects a historical wrong against girls. How could marriage be used as a criterion to discriminate against girls?" Vikram Srivastava, the founder of Independent Thought, one of the main petitioners in the case, told the BBC. However, the BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi says that while welcome, the order will be difficult to implement in a country where child marriage is still rampant. "Courts and police cannot monitor people's bedrooms and a minor girl who is already married, almost always with the consent of her parents, will not usually have the courage to go to the police or court and file a case against her husband," our correspondent says. India's government says the practice of child marriage is "an obstacle to nearly every developmental goal: eradicating poverty and hunger; achieving universal primary education; promoting gender equality; protecting children's lives; and improving women's health".

10-11-17 Sebastian Gorka: 'Pence rule on women would prevent abuse'
Sebastian Gorka: 'Pence rule on women would prevent abuse'
Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka has weighed in on the sexual harassment and abuse allegations enveloping the US film producer Harvey Weinstein. The influential Hollywood producer is accused of sexual harassment and rape. He denies any allegations of non-consensual sex. Mr Gorka suggested Vice President Mike Pence's own rules about meeting with the opposite sex could prevent women from being abused. A fierce debate raged online earlier this year after reports emerged of the vice president's refusal to dine one-on-one with any woman who is not his wife. "Think," Mr Gorka tweeted. "If Weinstein had obeyed Vice President Pence's rules for meeting with the opposite sex, none of those poor women would ever have been abused." His comments were shared widely, attracting thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter. (Webmaster's comment: So let's lock women up and only let them out when they are with their husbands. The ancient Greeks did this and passed the practice on to the Muslim religion. The Greek women also had to cover themselves with full body clothing in public and that was also passed on to the Muslim religion. So much for the "freedom" of the Greeks. It was a male only freedom. The Greeks also owned many Slaves who could be abused at the owner's leisure, just like we had in the United States 2000 years later.)

10-10-17 India rape: Child's baby 'was fathered by second uncle'
India rape: Child's baby 'was fathered by second uncle'
A 10-year-old Indian rape victim, who gave birth to a baby girl in August, had been made pregnant by one of her uncles, police say. Police are filing charges against the suspect - who is the second uncle of the girl's to be accused of raping her. The first uncle has already been held and charged with raping the girl. But police began looking for a second suspect after forensic tests revealed that the baby's DNA samples did not match those of the first accused. Chandigarh senior superintendent of police Neelambari Vijay told the BBC that police were now rushing to also file charges against the second uncle - who is the younger brother of the first uncle. "It's true the Baby's DNA sample has matched that of the [second] uncle," she said. The next hearing in the case will be held at a local court later on Tuesday. The first uncle will remain in custody as he is believed to have also abused the child. (Webmaster's comment: Just like often happens in the United States. Every adult male in the family was using a 9-10 year-old child as something they could rape at their leisure.)

10-9-17 How can US rapist win joint custody of victim's child?
How can US rapist win joint custody of victim's child?
The case of a Michigan man awarded joint legal custody of a child whose mother he sexually assaulted when she was 12 has provoked outrage. Many are incredulous that Christopher Mirasolo, 27, could be granted parental rights after a DNA test established his paternity. The victim's lawyer said the case was set in motion after her client received child support from the state. The case is thought to be the first of its kind in Michigan and maybe the US. Attorney Rebecca Kiessling filed objections on Friday after Judge Gregory Ross ruled that Mirasolo had parental rights to the boy, who is now eight years old, reports the Detroit News. Judge Ross also provided Mirasolo with the victim's home address. The woman, who now lives in Florida, has been told to move back to Michigan. Judge Ross also ordered Mirasolo's name to be added to the birth certificate without the mother's consent, her attorney added. (Webmaster's comment: In the United States the male owns the results of his sexual actions. It doesnt' matter if he raped her, it is still his child and she is only the breed stock that he used!)

10-9-17 Harvey Weinstein sacked after sexual harassment claims
Harvey Weinstein sacked after sexual harassment claims
Harvey Weinstein, the Oscar-winning film producer accused of sexually harassing female employees, has been fired by the board of his company. One of the biggest producers in Hollywood, Mr Weinstein was behind films including Shakespeare in Love, The King's Speech and Pulp Fiction. The Weinstein Company directors said that "in light of new information about misconduct" his employment had been terminated "effective immediately". Mr Weinstein had been informed. His sudden departure comes after the New York Times published a report last week about sexual harassment claims dating back nearly three decades. The 65-year-old apologised and said he planned to take a leave of absence. "The way I've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologise for it," Mr Weinstein said. However, he later disputed the report, which said he had reached at least eight settlements with women, and vowed to take legal action.

10-8-17 Rapper Nelly arrested over alleged tour bus rape
Rapper Nelly arrested over alleged tour bus rape
Rapper Nelly has been arrested after a woman accused him of raping her on his tour bus following a concert near Seattle. Police in Auburn said they arrested the artist after a woman called emergency services at 03:48 (10:48 GMT) to report a sex assault. The singer strongly denies the allegations and has now been released. "I have not been charged... therefore no bail was required," he tweeted. "I was released, pending further investigation." The singer tweeted that he was "beyond shocked that I have been targeted with this false allegation". "I am completely innocent," he said. "I am confident that once the facts are looked at, it will be very clear that I am the victim of a false allegation."

10-7-17 Kashmir 'mass rape' survivors fight for justice
Kashmir 'mass rape' survivors fight for justice
More than 26 years ago, Indian soldiers allegedly raped more than 30 women in the Kashmiri villages of Kunan and Poshpora. Those who survived the attack are still fighting for justice, as Aliya Nazki from BBC Urdu reports. It was 23 February 1991. The people of Kunan, a tiny village in Indian administered Kashmir's Kupwara district, were retiring for the night after a cold winter day. Zooni and Zarina (not their real names) were also getting ready to go to bed when they heard a series of loud knocks on the door. At the time, India had started a large scale military operation in an attempt to control a popular armed insurgency against Indian rule in Kashmir. So-called "cordon and search" operations, locally called "crackdowns", were becoming routine and still persist to this day. In the 1990s, this would entail Indian security forces isolating an area, getting all the men out, and then searching the houses. The men would be paraded in front of an informer - and suspected militants or those deemed sympathisers would be picked up and taken away. When Zooni and Zareena saw soldiers on their doorstep that night, they thought it was the beginning of another of these so-called crackdowns. The men were taken away, and the soldiers came in, as was the established practice. But remembering that day makes their eyes fill with tears even now. "We were getting ready for bed when the soldiers came. They took the men away. Some started drinking alcohol. I was holding my two-year-old daughter in my arms when they tried to grab me. "I resisted, and in the scuffle she fell out of my arms, and out of the window. She was crippled for life. "Three soldiers grabbed me, tore my pheran, my shirt - I don't even know what all happened after that. There were five of them. I still remember their faces."

10-6-17 Model Arvida Byström gets rape threats after an advert featured her hairy legs
Model Arvida Byström gets rape threats after an advert featured her hairy legs
Swedish model, Arvida Byström, says she's received rape threats after posing for an advert with hairy legs. The 26-year-old featured in an Adidas campaign promoting a new brand of trainers. She received dozens of abusive messages after the advert was released on YouTube. In an Instagram post, which is getting more and more attention, she says she was also threatened with rape in direct messages on social media. She said: "My photo from the @adidasoriginals superstar campaign got a lot of nasty comments last week. "Me being such an abled, white, cis body with its only nonconforming feature being a lil leg hair. "Literally I've been getting rape threats in my DM inbox." As well as being a model, Arvida is a photographer and is well known for posing with her body hair on show. Adidas says she "questions femininity and gender standards using so-called 'girly' aesthetics". (Webmaster's comment: Unbelievable! The male brutes of the world will attack anything. She doesn't shave her armpits either. Much of Europe considers that very sexy.)

10-5-17 The student taking selfies with the men who whistle and ask for sex
The student taking selfies with the men who whistle and ask for sex
Student Noa Jansma has been taking selfies and posting them on Instagram with every man who harasses her in the street. The 20-year-old from Amsterdam decided to do it as a month long project. Noa told Newsbeat the treatment she's received ranges from wolf-whistling, being asked for sex and being physically stopped in the street. "I just never knew what to do if someone catcalled me. If I went against it, the situation just escalated, and it would give me a real fright." She says she didn't want to just ignore it because it "felt weird" that the men could get away with saying whatever they wanted without consequence. So Noa started asking them for a selfies. She says many were "proud" to have been asked for a picture. She didn't tell them what it was for, unless they asked. Only one of them did - but still went ahead with the photo. Noa says her male friends had no idea what she and her female friends had to put up with. "I found this so weird that for half of humanity this is a daily life issue, while for the other half, they don't even know this. "So that's how I came up with the idea - to just show it actually." (Webmaster's comment: Fithy male brutes just never stop. Probably because nobody ever wants to sleep with them and they know noone could ever love them.)

10-4-17 ‘Don’t brand me’: The Indian women saying no to forced tattoos
‘Don’t brand me’: The Indian women saying no to forced tattoos
In India, and across the world, getting a tattoo is nowadays seen as a sign of independence and rebellion. Many young people get inked to showcase their identity, what makes them distinctive and who they are. But for me, a decision to not get a tattoo was my version of rebellion, an assertion of my hard-fought independence. It was my way of saying: "I will not toe the line." I grew up thinking of tattoos, along with nose and ear piercings, as symbols of the subjugation of women. That's because my mother has a couple of tattoos. And my grandmother had more than a couple. And they told me they had no choice in the matter. In many rural communities in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where my family comes from, it's mandatory for married women to have tattoos, locally known as Godna. "My family told me that if I didn't have a tattoo, no-one in my matrimonial home would drink water or take food offered by me. I'd be considered impure, an untouchable," my mother told me recently. My father, of course, didn't need to get one because, as mum says, "he was a boy". She was a child bride, not even 11 at the time of her wedding in the 1940s. A few weeks after the ceremony, an elderly woman who lived in the neighbourhood was called to the house to brand her.

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23 Abuse of Women News Articles
from 4th Quarter of 2017

Abuse of Women News Articles from 2017 3rd Quarter