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Sioux Falls Feminists endorse Borgen II for showing
many strong and powerful women making the
decisions in a complex political world.

Borgen II

Borgen II (2011) - 580 minutes
Borgen II at

Birgitte Nyborg has been Denmark's Prime Minister for two years - years that have taken their toll on her private life. She must now balance her role of PM with that of divorcee and single-mother.

Politically, she has succeeded in earning the respect of both her political allies and enemies, but tensions between parties are mounting. Denmark's participation in international wars as well as certain central domestic policy issues are driving a wedge through the parliament and Birgitte is increasingly finding herself having to make questionable compromises.

Series 2 sees the return of journalist Katrine Fonsmark who, having moved to the Ekspres newspaper, finding herself being morally and ethically challenged by the ruthless editor-in-chief, Michael Laugesen. Meanwhile, Kasper Juul, who continues to work as Birgitte Nyborg's spin doctor, struggles to suppress his inner demons as his past threatens to intrude on his relationship with new girlfriend, Lotte.

"A fantastically compelling and intricate drama"

"A political thriller with integrity"

Borgen Trilogy

Borgen Trilogy (2013) - 1740 minutes
Borgen Trilogy at

From the award-winning producers of The Killing, DR, Borgen is a critically acclaimed Danish political thriller series consisting of three ten-episode seasons. First broadcast in the UK on BBC Four, the series has since become a major cultural phenomenon and is now released for the first time as a complete trilogy box set.

Set in a fictional version of Danish parliament - known as 'Borgen', the series follows the bottom-to-top rise of an inexperienced but ideological politician, Birgitte Nyborg, and her unlikely rise to power and how this tumultuous journey affects those around her, not least her own husband and children.

Borgen has received a host of prestigious awards and accolades including a BAFTA and a nomination for an International Emmy. The ideological yet personally conflicted Birgitte Nyborg, as portrayed by Sidse Babett Knudsen, has become possibly the most-loved on-screen politician of all-time.

"The writing is sharp, the acting is warm and believable, and the moral dilemmas arrive thick and fast"

Borgen II and Borgen Trilogy

Sioux Falls Feminists endorse Borgen II for showing
many strong and powerful women making the
decisions in a complex political world.