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Bullying Movies

Beck: Episode 4: Serial Killer (1998) - 90 minutes
Beck: Episode 4: Serial Killer at

A serial killer is on the loose. All the victims are women, and all attended the same school. Beck digs deep into a past no one wants to re-live, in an effort to unlock the mind of a deranged lunatic, and to prevent the ultimate act of revenge. In this film Beck and his team are trying to find a serial killer, whose victims are spread all over Sweden. An obvious connection is that all the victims are women, and they were all in the same class, and Beck thinks that a scandal back in the past has something to do with the murders. But no one wants to talk about the past and it becomes a struggle to find the perpetrator before the final murder - only one woman is still alive.

(Webmaster's comment:
It can take years for those bullied to take revenge.)

Beck: Episode 23: The Silent Scream (2007) - 90 minutes
Beck: Episode 23: The Silent Scream at

Two girls are hit by a train and killed instantly. Was it murder, or double-suicide? Martin Beck and his team must answer the question of whether the pressure and intimidation faced by these young women in their everyday lives led to their deaths. Two girls are killed instantly when they re hit by a train. Beck and his team have a few leads, and learn about the pressure and intimidation the young women faced in their everyday lives before their sudden and gruesome deaths. Was it a double-suicide or murder?

(Webmaster's comment:
School gangs bully males as well as females.
The bullied often seek a horrible revenge.)

Unni Lindell: Episode 3: The Mourning Cloak (2005) - 180 minutes
Unni Lindell: Episode 3: The Mourning Cloak at

A young mother is found murdered in her home. A few days later her son disappears, and Cato discovers the victim's childhood friend has been missing for over a year. Cato's investigation into the murder of a young mother leads to the discovery of dark childhood secrets and a body in a swamp.

(Webmaster's comment:
Being cowards when faced with a superior force bullies back down.)

Irene Huss: Episode 3: The Fire Dance (2010) - 90 minutes
Irene Huss: Episode 3: The Fire Dance at

A series of suspicious fires in Gothenburg has its citizens unnerved by the thought of a serial arsonist on the loose. Are the blazes related to a cold case that plagued Detective Inspector Irene Huss when she first came to the VCU? And are they related to the recent and random stabbing of a reclusive old lady? Gothenburg hit by series of arson. Detective Inspector Irene Huss begins investigating an arson that there is a link to a fifteen years old unsolved cases. Meanwhile, she is forced to investigate a knife murder of an old lady in the archipelago, a case that at first do not seem to have any connection with the arson. But when Irene delves deeper into the murder case, she discovers things that reveal old long forgotten secrets.

(Webmaster's comment:
Girls can be just as big a bunch of bullies as the boys.)

Annika Bengtzon Crime Reporter: Episode 1: Nobel's Last Will (2012) - 90 minutes
Annika Bengtzon Crime Reporter: Episode 1: Nobel's Last Will at

While covering the annual Nobel Prize Banquet, Annika witnesses the spectacular murder of two prestigious individuals right in front of her. She's a key witness, so she's bound by the police not to disclose anything. It's the story of a lifetime, and she can't write a word. At the Nobel Banquet reporter Annika Bengtzon is witness to the attempted murder of a nobel laureate and murder of a scientist. A terrorist group from Germany takes the credit. As Annika digs further into the events surrounding that night, all is not what it seems.

(Webmaster's comment:
Bullies understand one thing only.
Violence done to them stops them in their tracks.)

Maria Wern: Episode 7: Not Even the Past (2012) - 90 minutes
Maria Wern: Episode 7: Not Even the Past at

After some serious anonymous death threats, Maria is ordered to leave Gotland. With a group of old friends she goes on a trip to an island to relax, but soon the seven women are in great danger. When Maria receives anonymous death threats, she's ordered off the island for her own protection. While her colleagues on Gotland scramble to find the culprit, it becomes increasingly clear that the murderer may have followed Maria to Stora Karlsö Island, where she joined a group of high school friends. Instead of being safely hidden away, the seven women are hovering in mortal danger.

(Webmaster's comment:
A bullied person can spend twenty years planning revenge.)

Fjallbacka Murders: Episode 3: Friends For Life (2013) - 100 minutes
Fjallbacka Murders: Episode 3: Friends For Life at

When looking for the subject of her next book, Erica's agent suggests the book be based on a true event from her own life. Looking back, she remembers the disappearance of a classmate, Peter, when she was 13. But as she begins digging deeper into the mystery, she sets off a chain of events that brings the mystery closer to home. When looking for the subject of her next book, her agent suggests basing it on an event from Erica's own life. Looking back to her teenage years, she recalls the disappearance of her classmate, Peter. As she begins digging into the past, she sets off a chain of events that brings the mystery closer to home. The successful detective writer, Erica Falck, is thinking that her next book should be based on a true mysterious event from her childhood. When she was only 13 years old one of her dear friends and classmate Peter boarded a bus and then disappeared. Erica has been unable to let go of the tragic event and her first meeting with a real mystery. As she starts digging deeper into what really happened to Peter it seems as if she has awakened a sleeping beast. When Erica's only connection to Peter, his brother Ivan, who is on his way to see her, gets stabbed and murdered her mission becomes not only to solve the mystery about Peter but also to find out who killed Ivan. During a high school reunion party the heat builds up when Tina, Peter and Ivan's enigmatic sister, unexpectedly shows up and later at the party another murder is committed that leads Erica closer to the truth about what actually happened to the missing Peter.

(Webmaster's comment:
Childhood bullying can have unintended consequences.)

Arne Dahl: Season 2: Episodes 9 & 10: Eye in the Sky (2015) - 120 minutes
Arne Dahl: Season 2: Episodes 9 & 10: Eye in the Sky at

A brutal attack leads 'A-Unit' to a stash of steroids linked to an organisation Interpol have been investigating. A series of related kidnaps and murders show apparent links to a shared high school experience. A woman is found collapsed in the street, having escaped from an unknown basement. She has no idea why she was kidnapped and, with nothing else to go on, 'A' Unit follow a lead found in the basement to a drugs ring run by two brothers. Investigating the series of murders and kidnaps, A Unit begin to suspect they are linked to a shared high school experience - but this still isn't getting them any closer to catching the killer. Paul is investigating the sudden and mysterious death of his new-found friend from the security service.

(Webmaster's comment:
Women often bully just for the "fun" of it.
Then later it comes back home to them in deadly ways.)

Bullying Movies