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Child Maltreatment Deaths
in Developed Countries

Child Maltreatment Deaths per 1,000,000 Children

Country Deaths Country Deaths
United States 22 Japan 6
Mexico 22 Netherlands 5
New Zealand 12 Poland 5
Hungary 12 Sweden 5
Austria 9 France 5
Switzerland 8 United Kingdom 4
Canada 7 Slovakia 4
Finland 7 Portugal 4
Denmark 7 Norway 3
Australia 7 Italy 2
Germany 6 Ireland 2
Belgium 6 Greece 2
Czech Republic 6 Spain 1
South Korea 6 Average 7

Well here we are again. Taking the lead in the world. We are number one in child maltreatment deaths. What a claim to fame! If America is so great and wonderful why does it treat its children like this? Maybe people need to speak out against this problem just as loudly as they should speak out against domestic violence and forcible rape. These problems are all related. They probably come from the same core issue. We seem to have accepted all this violence against others to protect our freedom and liberty. Some Freedom! Some Liberty! Freedom and liberty that results in the highest maltreatment death rate of children in the world? Something is very wrong with this concept of freedom and liberty.

Child Maltreatment Deaths
in Developed Countries