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Child Abuse News Articles

Over 250 news articles over more than 9 years detailing the abuse children have suffered are presented on the following 15 pages.

CMM, Child Mental Mutilation!
Speak out against it whenever you hear about it or encounter it!

We at Sioux Falls Feminsts are coining a new acronym CMM, "Child Mental Mutilation." Child Mental Mutilation refers to teaching children the anti-science claims that "There is no Evolution", "There was no Evolution", The Earth is only 6,000 Years Old", "Dinosaurs lived at the same time as Man", The Earth is Flat", "The Sun Circles the Earth" and "The Earth is the Center of the Universe", and "The Earth is Square." Teaching these untruths to children cripples them mentally, often for life. It leaves them incapable of dealing with the real world! There are few crimes greater than the deliberate mutilation of a child's mind. It ranks right up there with physical or sexual abuse of a child, which also often mentally cripple a child for life. There can be no excuse for any of these crimes against children!

For Example:

10-1-13 Sexual Assault: The Silent, Violent Epidemic
Sexual Assault: The Silent, Violent Epidemic
According to the AMA, sexual assault continues to represent the most rapidly growing violent crime in America, claiming a victim every 45 seconds. Because many of these attacks occurring daily go unreported and unrecognized, sexual assault can be considered a "silent-violent epidemic" in the United States today. The National Victim Center reports that over 700,000 women are raped or sexually assaulted annually. Of these victims, 61% are under age 18.
That's 427,000 child rapes and sexual assaults in America per year!

Source: The American Medical Association (AMA).

We need to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate all child abusers. Police and others that ignore their responsibilities in this regard should also be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated.

And there are more news articles, another 26 pages, covering a host of news subjects relating to Women: Abuse of Women, Military Women Abuse, Women's Inequality, Women's Image, Women's Sexuality, and Abortion Rights. The pages below all link back to the previous news pages for each subject.

Over 950 news articles over more than 13 years detailing the abuse children and women have suffered, and detailing the struggle women are going through to get the rights owed them as human beings.

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Child Abuse News Articles