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Rapes per Capita in Developed Countries

Rape at the national level, number of police-recorded offenses

Country & Membership Per 100,000 Country & Membership Per 100,000
Sweden (oecd) (eu) 63.5 Switzerland (oecd) 7.1
Australia (oecd) 28.6 Denmark (oecd) (eu) 6.4
Belgium (oecd) (eu) 27.9 Lithuania (eu) 6.3
United States (oecd) 27.3 Estonia (oecd) (eu) 6.0
New Zealand (oecd) 25.8 Romania (eu) 4.7
United Kingdom (oecd) (eu) 24.5 Czech Republic (oecd) (eu) 4.6
Norway (oecd) 19.2 Poland (oecd) (eu) 4.1
Israel (oecd) 17.5 Portugal (oecd) (eu) 4.0
France (oecd) (eu) 16.2 Latvia (eu) 3.5
Finland (oecd) (eu) 15.2 Spain (oecd) (eu) 3.4
South Korea (oecd) 13.5 Slovenia (oecd) (eu) 3.1
Chile (oecd) 13.3 Bulgaria (eu) 2.8
Mexico (oecd) 13.2 Malta (eu) 2.6
Luxembourg (oecd) (eu) 11.7 Slovakia (oecd) (eu) 2.6
Iceland (oecd) 10.7 Cyprus (eu) 2.5
Ireland (oecd) (eu) 10.7 Hungary (oecd) (eu) 2.5
Austria (oecd) (eu) 10.4 Greece (oecd) (eu) 1.9
Germany (oecd) (eu) 9.4 Canada (oecd) 1.7
Netherlands (oecd) (eu) 9.2 Turkey (oecd) 1.5
Italy (oecd) (eu) 7.6 Japan (oecd) 1.0

OECD=Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
EU=European Union
Source - Wikipedia

What is consider as rape in one country may not be considered as a rape in another country. Sweden counts every single rape of a wife by her husband as a separate crime whereas here in America a man raping his wife multiple times is generally considered as a single crime. This makes rape statistics somewhat difficult to compare, but as can be seen from the above the rape rate in America, however measured, is higher than in most other developed countries.

Rapes per Capita in Developed Countries