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Sioux Falls Feminists Social Activities

You are not Alone!

Though not only for those who have suffered abuse or are suffering abuse, this is where you will probably meet others who have gone through or are going through the same things you are, others who have experienced the same feelings and stressful events you have. You will find you are not alone. You will gain support and strength from being with others that "have been there". You can learn from those who have moved on to a better life style and you may be able to apply those experiences and lessons to your own situation.

Feminists at the Pub

Come and join the other feminists down at your local pub (or restaurant). This is where those of us interested in Feminism and in helping abused women, as well as abused women themselves, and Free Thinkers, can get together, socialize, discuss the problems we are dealing with, have some good food and maybe have a few drinks (food and drinks are optional of course). Feminists at the Pub is a great opportunity to meet like minded people, people that have lived through problems like you are having, or are even having the same problems you are having. Here you can have conversations and discussions that might help you learn what you can do to find solutions, or to even find a way out of bad situation. You can also find out about ways you can help abused women and children. And how to help raise awareness of abuse issues in the general public. This event will be held about once a month at a local restaurant or pub in Sioux Falls.

Feminist Potlucks and Picnics

Details will be determined by those interested in Feminism, those who wish to help abused women, abused women themselves, Free Thinkers, and other open-minded persons like yourself, during our organizational meetings.

Sioux Falls Feminists Organizational Meetings

Sioux Falls Feminists will have organizational meetings as needed. This gives you a chance to show up, meet everyone, and offer input on what future activities we may offer. This is also a time to suggest meetings at restaurants and pubs, potlucks, picnics, game nights, whatever you want to suggest.

To find our local events, check at Sioux Falls Free Thinkers on

Sioux Falls Feminists Social Activities