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Women's Inequality as Measured
by International Standards


COUNTRY 2013 2012 COUNTRY 2013 2012
Iceland 1 1 Lesotho 16 14
Finland 2 2 South Africa 17 16
Norway 3 3 United Kingdom 18 18
Sweden 4 4 Austria 19 20
Philippines 5 8 Canada 20 21
Ireland 6 5 Luxembourg 21 17
New Zealand 7 6 Burundi 22 24
Denmark 8 7 United States 23 22
Switzerland 9 10 Australia 24 25
Nicaragua 10 9 Ecuador 25 33
Belgium 11 12 Mozambique 26 23
Latvia 12 15 Bolivia 27 30
Netherlands 13 11 Lithuania 28 34
Germany 14 13 Barbados 29 27
Cuba 15 19 Spain 30 26

The Gender Gap Rank is calculated from the
following 4 categories with 14 individual ratios

Economic Participation and Opportunity

Ratio: Female labor force participation over male value
Ratio: Female over male wage equality between women and men for similar work
Ratio: Female estimated earned income over male value
Ratio: Female legislators, senior officials and managers over male value
Ratio: Female professional and technical workers over male value

Educational Attainment

Ratio: Female literacy rate over male value
Ratio: Female net primary enrollment rate over male value
Ratio: Female net secondary enrollment rate over male value
Ratio: Female gross tertiary enrollment ratio over male value

Health and Survival

Ratio: Female over male sex ratio at birth
Ratio: Female healthy life expectancy over male value

Political Empowerment

Ratio: Females with seats in parliament over male value
Ratio: Females at ministerial level over male value
Ratio: Number of years of a female head of state (in last 50 years) over male value

Source - World Economic Forum

Why do women in America put up with being treated as second-class citizens? And why do so many men treat them as second-class citizens? Civilized countries do not treat their women this way! Seems America is not as great and as wonderful and as civilized as we've been led to believe.

It's even hard to write the above words "treat their women". Women are not property. Women are not a separate class of beings. Women are just human beings like everyone else and as human beings they deserve to be treated just the same as everyone is treated PERIOD!

Women's Inequality as Measured
by International Standards