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Movies About Lesbians: The Denied Right
Movies Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists

Sioux Falls Feminists recommends the following movies about Lesbians and the right to be a Lesbian.

Sioux Falls Feminists has probably watched Personal Best a dozen times. If you want to know the physical pain, the physical endurance, the feel of what it is like to be a Olympic level athlete, watch this movie. Interestingly there seems to have been less angst then than there is now about being a Lesbian during the 70's era that this film portrays. What happened? We're not sure.

The Gymnast is a close second as a favorite. The physical beauty of a superbly tuned athletic body is a joy to see in motion. We're not talking about muscle bound in either The Gymnast or Personal Best, we are talking smooth physical strength that goes down to the bone. When the Gymnast powers up a rope to the ceiling using just her arms, no leg action at all, you'll know what we're talking about. Those arm and stomach abs are to die for.

Both these above films star real female Olympic level athletes.

And the Itty Bitty Titty Committee is just plain fun to watch. And the ending is the most hilarious we've ever seen. Wacky and unreal, but it'll still have you rolling in the aisles wishing it had really happened.

The movies are all available from but you are free to obtain them from many other sources. Amazon offers them on their website along with many alternate sources, often less expensive. You are free to choose whatever source you please. The movie links on the following pages point to the movie location at Amazon.

Sioux Falls Feminists recommend the 3 lesbian documentaries and 4 movies on the following 7 pages:

Please note that Sioux Falls Feminists endorses a women's right to chose any sexual lifestyle she wishes to choose.

Movies About Lesbians: The Denied Right
Movies Endorsed by Sioux Falls Feminists