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Paid Maternity Leave
in Developed Countries

Paid Maternity Leave by Law, Usually 100% by the Employer

Country & Membership Weeks Country & Membership Weeks
Sweden (oecd) (eu) 68 Latvia (eu) 16
Estonia (oecd) (eu) 65 Luxembourg (oecd) (eu) 16
Norway (oecd) 54 Netherlands (oecd) (eu) 16
Lithuania (eu) 52 Romania (eu) 16
Slovenia (oecd) (eu) 52 Spain (oecd) (eu) 16
Canada (oecd) 50 Switzerland (oecd) 16
Slovakia (oecd) (eu) 34 Belgium (oecd) (eu) 15
Czech Republic (oecd) (eu) 28 Finland (oecd) (eu) 15
Bulgaria (eu) 26 Germany (oecd) (eu) 14
Ireland (oecd) (eu) 26 Japan (oecd) 14
Hungary (oecd) (eu) 24 New Zealand (oecd) 14
Italy (oecd) (eu) 22 Iceland (oecd) 13
Chile (oecd) 18 Malta (eu) 13
Denmark (oecd) (eu) 18 Israel (oecd) 12
Poland (oecd) (eu) 18 Mexico (oecd) 12
Portugal (oecd) (eu) 17 Turkey (oecd) 12
Austria (oecd) (eu) 16 South Korea (oecd) 7
Cyprus (eu) 16 United Kingdom (oecd) (eu) 6
France (oecd) (eu) 16 Australia (oecd) 0
Greece (oecd) (eu) 16 United States (oecd) 0

OECD=Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
EU=European Union
Source - Nationmaster and Wikipedia
Average Paid Maternity Leave Time is 22 Weeks

United States and Australia are the only two nations
on this Earth with ZERO paid maternity leave.

It's obvious which countries care about their children and which countries don't, especially when you also take child abuse rates into account. In the United States it's clearly "Pop the Brat Out and Back to Work!" Never mind children bonding with their mothers during some of the most crucial development time in their lives. And we're treating our women like breeding stock, like farm animals, not like mothers, not like the persons who provide us with our most valuable resource. It seems like it's all about MONEY, not the health and care of our children!

5-25-17 Will Trump bring paid maternity leave to the US?
Will Trump bring paid maternity leave to the US?
Donald Trump's proposed 2018 budget would create the first federal plan for paid family leave in the US. How far does it go? The US is the only developed nation in the world that does not provide some type of national paid family leave plan to new parents (only 8 other nations, including Papua New Guinea, Suriname and Tonga, do not provide paid leave). California, New Jersey and Rhode Island have their own state-run paid family leave systems, and New York state and the District of Columbia have policies that haven't yet gone into effect, but that leaves the vast majority of the country uncovered. In his proposed 2018 budget, Trump is bucking traditional party lines by proposing what would be the first federal family paid leave policy in US history. It has been widely reported that came at the insistence of his daughter, Ivanka, who has made "women who work" a central part of her newly forming political identity.

5-24-17 The dark side of paid parental leave
The dark side of paid parental leave
Democrats, progressives, and even some reform-minded conservatives have slammed President Trump's new budget as a cruel, math-challenged non-starter. But that doesn't mean they can't praise the odd, non-terrible, non-embarrassing parts. For instance: Trump is the first Republican president to offer a national paid leave plan, a result of daughter Ivanka's insistence. Now, no one is going to accuse the president of mindlessly or gleefully copying what other advanced economies do for families. In Sweden, for example, parents get up to 16 months of paid leave, with moms and dads each required to take at least three months off. The Trump proposal is far more modest. With a price tag of $25 billion over a decade, Trump's plan gives moms and dads six weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child. The program would funnel the benefits to about 1.3 million parents annually through the unemployment insurance system. While this is vastly more generous than the zero weeks of paid leave American moms and dads get under current law, it's still not some lavish universal system. Actually, it's so skimpy, say paid leave advocates, that it is barely better than nothing. (Webmaster's comment: In Europe on the average countries provide employee paid 22 weeks of maternity leave for both parents, and some countries provide over a year for both parents. In America its "Pop the brat out and back to work!")

4-26-17 'Why I think maternity leave is too long'
'Why I think maternity leave is too long'
Former Hillary Clinton advisor Anne-Marie Slaughter clarifies why she thinks a year of maternity leave is too long for working mothers.

Paid Maternity Leave
in Developed Countries