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Sioux Falls Feminists
Would Like to Announce its Billboard Campaign to
Support the National Teen Dating Violence
Awareness Month of February

The billboards will go up on January 4th and 18th. They feature the characteristics of Teen Dating Violence and encourage parents, and other concerned individuals, in the Sioux Falls area to contact their schools and churches and ask them to give educational courses on Teen Dating Violence. By special arrangement with a provider of these courses, organizations or groups of individuals can purchase 10 or more courses at a 50% discount off the regular asking price. All courses include free teacher guides and student worksheets to facilitate learning.

The courses being offered at this discount include:

  • Recognizing & Escaping Teen Dating Violence
  • The Choice is Yours: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Dating Violence Part 1
  • Love You To Death: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Dating Violence Part 2
  • Meth, Sex, & STDs
  • Choose Life or Choose Meth

Sioux Falls Feminists will not make a single dime from the sales of these courses. Sioux Falls Feminists are sponsoring this effort solely to help bring an end to the horrible way some young women and young men are treated by their dating partners.

Full descriptions of all these courses can be viewed at the Sioux Falls Feminists website with links to the source where the courses can be purchased and teaching materials downloaded.

Link to Teen Dating Violence Educational Videos

Sioux Falls Feminists is a member
of the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers website group,
the Home for Free Thought and Open Minds in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Feminists Teen Dating Violence Billboards
January 4th through February 15th in Sioux Falls
on West 12th, South Cliff, and Minnesota Ave

Link to Teen Dating Violence Billboards