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Women Sex Workers Movies

Borgen Season 3: Episode 5: Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery (2013) - 58 minutes
Borgen Season 3: Episode5: Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery at

Being accepted as a political party, New Democrats must take a stand on a controversial issue of banning prostitution. Through learning about the issue, both Birgitte and Kathrine face their prejudices and their views on the issue change as they get personally more involved. It also affects their personal relations.

(Webmaster's comment: Women have every right to be sex workers
and to enjoy their profession.)

3-26-18 Porn stars call for respect after spate of deaths
The deaths of five young women in the space of three months has shocked the adult entertainment industry. Now female performers are calling for support and respect. First it was Shyla Stylez, who died while visiting family from unknown reasons in November. Then in December, August Ames killed herself. Shortly after, three other porn actresses - Yurizan Beltran, Olivia Nova and Olivia Lua - died within weeks of each other, either from suspected drug overdoses or unexplained reasons. What had started as a call to action to support female performers struggling with mental health, drug addiction and cyberbullying, now felt to many in the industry like a full-on crisis. Was the industry doing enough to prevent these kinds of deaths? "We need to fight the stigma as a group, because we've all been under attack," says Tori Black, a two-time Female Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards, the Academy Awards of the adult movie business. "What happened to these girls could have happened to any one of us on a weak moment." While there has long been a stigma around porn, actresses say that social media has raised the stakes. Social platforms have given performers new opportunities to control their careers, but also exposes them to trolling and de-humanising comments more often. Black, who returned to acting in porn after taking a seven-year hiatus to focus on her family, says while most of her social media interactions are positive, she still faces negative comments. "I'm a mother and a porn star, and that's very complicated," she says. "I could post the most innocent, fully-clothed everyday picture on Instagram and someone would comment 'Aren't you ashamed? You have children!'," For Black, "haters" and trolls aren't the consequence of increased popularity, but amplified voices of very old prejudices that consider sexuality degrading. Only by gradually changing that culture, says Black, performers can finally earn the respect they deserve.

Women Sex Workers Movies