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1 Women's Sexuality News Articles
from 2018 2nd Half
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7-5-18 Slight Preference for Having Boy Children Persists in U.S.
Americans' long-standing tilt toward preferring a boy over a girl if they could have only one child continues. Thirty-six percent of Americans say they would want a boy and 28% a girl, with the rest -- 36% -- volunteering that it wouldn't matter or that they don't have an opinion. Gallup has asked this question 11 times since 1941, with an average 11-percentage-point gap in preferences for boys over girls -- ranging from a 15-point gap in 1947 and 2000 to four points in 1990. The current eight-point preference for a boy, from a June 1-13 poll, is slightly lower than the 12-point gap in Gallup's last measure, from 2011. The 77-year-long tendency for American adults to express overall preferences for a boy over a girl is driven by the marked preference among men for a baby boy and the more closely divided preferences among women. Men, over the years of Gallup's trend, have preferred a boy over a girl by an average of 25 points, while women have averaged a slight three-point preference for a girl.

  • Preference for boys over girls has averaged 11-point margin since 1941
  • Men are strong in their preference for a male child, 43% to 24%
  • Women have divided preferences: 31% want a girl; 30%, a boy

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1 Women's Sexuality News Articles
from 2018 2nd Half

Women's Sexuality News Articles from 2018 1st Half